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  1. M

    VE 3.0 drive belt routing. With or Without Idler Pulley

    Hey, bought a new Tensioner with belt for this 2010 VE 3.0ltr (SIDI). It came as a kit on cheap. Installed the new tensioner and then thought I'd install the new belt as well, only it was alot shorter...pull up the haynes sure enough theres 2 routing configs, one with and without the idler...
  2. A

    VE has noisy idler pulley

    My VE has got a very noisy idler pulley. At first I thought it was that tensioner pulley so I change that. While the belt was off I felt the water pump a bit loose and noisy so I change that. The fan belt is still quite new and it's been sprayed with WD-40 belt conditioner but the noise will...
  3. C

    Pulleys and bearings

    Hi Guys, I'm new here so hello!! I have a VX II S pack (supercharger) The car had been sitting doing nothing for around 7 months and have just had it serviced and found some items need doing, one of which is a noisy / scraping squeaking noise. From researching the forum it seems like it...
  4. minux

    VY LS1 Aircon Idler

    Anyone know what size hex(torx whatever they are called) key i need to remove this sucker...don't really want to buy an entire large set! Thanks