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  1. oldmateadz

    Very rough idling after engine warms up. Help!

    Hey guys, Got a '02 VX 3.6 Berlina here, and after the engine warms up, she idles very rough. The revs go up and down and there's a "putt putt putt" sound from the exhaust. It runs smooth at 900 for a couple of seconds, then drops and does the putt thing, usually in 3's or 4's (if that makes...
  2. J

    vs commodore help and info shaking/vibrating

    hey guys my 96 VS commodore acclaim seems to shake/ vibrate alot when idling at first i thought it was missing but it just shakes. runs perfect when driving though just shakes when im stopped. any idea's what this could be? i know a fair few people that have the same problem. my compression for...