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ignition leads

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    Help please - 92 vq statesman with vs ss engine.

    Hey people, I bought myself a 92 Vq 5.0L as I first car with a vs ss engine in it. What is happening is I've had a few problems lately and it's ended up in my car trying to kick over but something's stopping it. It's sputtering and doing tiny backfires. What first happened is one day...

    Ignition Leads or High Ratio Roller Rockers? V6

    Hey guys, Got car serviced today and spoke to the mechanic about getting a bit of power in my v6. Still on P-plates, just wanted a little bit more power to get me by) I suggested High Ratio Roller Rockers from MACE but he said it won't be worth it at all. After servicing my car he said...