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ignition switch


    VZ Sometimes cranks but doesn't fire

    Help!! VZ Allotec started to have no life when I turned the key at all today. After turning the key on and off it started a few times. I "thought" it was an ignition switch and in the process of reinstalling the barrel. the barrel locked up and I have started to drill out barrel. Using the...
  2. DeeDee 29

    Wiring diagram for ve omega

    I'm looking to install a keyless remote start entry. Needing to get the wiring diagram colour codes. For all those wires inside the steering wheel column.
  3. Fu Manchu

    [General] VN-VZ Ignition Repair

    This is for the VZ barrel repining. The original thread has broken links to the images. https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/match-your-original-key-to-a-replacement-ignition-lock-for-vn-vr-vt-vx.195804/ Mine was jammed. I had to do some delicate tapping and wiggling of the key to get...
  4. sundaydriver

    Ignition problems

    OK - here's another curly one. No spark at plugs, so worked back to the coil. With the dizzly lead off and the ignition on (so still have the dizzly looped in with + and - contact leads) - there is no voltage on the contacts (just using a multi-meter) The workshop manuals tell me there is...
  5. F

    VX Broken ignition switch, wong start

    Hi, Wife drove to the local shops, went to leave and the car wouldnt start. Turning the key does nothing because I can feel there is no mechanical load behind the switch. I can rotate key back and forth , from the accesory position to the start position, feeling no clicks or detents and...