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  1. B

    VT SS blowing main fuse (SOLVED)

    Hi i bought a vt ss a few days ago and everything was fine untill yesterday i went to start the car and and all power went out, checked fuses and the main fuse (60amp) has blown, replaced with another and tried again, blew once more. Not sure whats cauing this to happen but cant drive the car...
  2. B

    Trouble shooting.

    Hi all, Can anyone throw their thoughts in on what my problem may be. My VX has been giving me a lot of greif lately, between trouble starting it to ruff idle, to just driving like rubbish in general at the moment. I took her into the mechanic and they replaced the crank angle sensor (seemed to...
  3. S

    Vs v6 no power to coil pack

    Hey guys, my vs v6 was driving fine parked it up and now it will turn over but there is no power getting to the coil packs so no spark. I have been told crank angle sensor but all the research I have done on this site suggests that the car would have stalled if this was the issue. Seems...
  4. P

    VE Switch Start

    Just need some light shined on the start ignition. Now i know its poo but its my name. I'm wanting to have a toggle switch for the ignition (Key still in barrel, turn to accsessory but use switch to start the motor). i was thinking i'd be able to just jump on the wire thats the last turn on...
  5. C

    304, no spark problem

    Ok, post for my brother who isn’t on here. He’s recently picked up a VR Ute with an injected 304 strokes to 355. It’s running a standard dizzy, upgraded fuel pump, Haltech platinum and a few other bits. It’s also a 5 speed manual. Bought it and drove it. Filled it up and then it would crank...
  6. V

    VE Series 2 Key Issues

    Hi all, So, my issue now is, ever since, I've replaced the shell on my flip key, I changed the blank key and installed the key from my old flip key. And now the car won't start. I've tried to re-program the key however no luck at all. Any thoughts on how I would overcome the barrier?
  7. J

    Vz Ute problems

    Have a 3.6 vz ute, recently done timing chains in it. Put it together drove ok but water pump leaked due to a damaged bolt so took timing cover off fixed that put back together it started and drove now it won't start I turn the key and there is a delay for the reds coming on and the tacho moves...
  8. C

    VE commodore stutters in 4th gear..

    My 2008 VE has been playing up a bit in 4th gear. Other than the stutter in 4th gear it runs great. When I lightly accelerate to bring my speed up in 4th gear, my car jerk and sputters as if its struggling to change gear. ATM I am putting my foot down the bit extra to kick it down into 3rd gear...
  9. 1QIK VN

    VN 5L no spark, or injector pulse... Need help...

    I am the owner of a VN BT1 and have been doin it up for quite some time and spent a considerable amount of time and money on it. Recently I started the engine up and had it idling, all good, then it just shut down all of a sudden. I tried to start it again and it just winds over but won't fire...
  10. 5

    2 step l67

    Hey, i just brought a manuel vs l67 and want to know if anyone has ever put a 2 step system on there vs commodore 3.8L? If so where was the system purchased, how did you make it work, and does the ignition system have to be changed? Cheers
  11. K

    vs v6 electronic issues

    hi all first time poster here, you guys have already been a great help. okay so my vs v6 manual ute sometimes won't start when I turn the key (fuel pump does start) it will however start if I turn the key off and on again a few times. (or if I hit the unlock button on the key whilst in the...
  12. G

    Vf locked steering while driving.

    good day guys, hope you’re all good. So couple of days back, I bought my first car a Vf storm. Test drove the car and everything was swell so ended up buying it(private) and was driving the car everything was all good until today driving with my missus at around 80 km/h on the highway the car...
  13. A

    My Vl won’t turn over

    okay so I’ve got a vl that has a RB20 in it, this engine came out of another running vl so the wiring is already customised to work with the RB20, I just need to figure out where everything goes, I’m pretty sure I wired the starter and alternator up properly but it still won’t crank, the battery...
  14. N

    VZ SV6 Alloytech Bad pinking (preignition).

    On any incline or moderate acceleration from stop or tight corner, engine pinks really badly. Bearable on flat road , but shocking on a hill. It normally uses 91 Octane fuel.
  15. T

    Lost VY Key

    Can someone help me or point me in the right direction for information on the ignition barrel, door locks and BCM. I have lost the only key i have to my VY SS ute, now i have another VY sedan that i have the key for but I'm unsure of how i would go about swapping everything over. i know its not...
  16. sundaydriver

    Ignition problems

    OK - here's another curly one. No spark at plugs, so worked back to the coil. With the dizzly lead off and the ignition on (so still have the dizzly looped in with + and - contact leads) - there is no voltage on the contacts (just using a multi-meter) The workshop manuals tell me there is...
  17. R

    Starting issues 3.8L VR

    So I recently inherited a rusty 94 VR ute which had been sitting round the last 6months. I was able to jump start it and ride it round for a bit. Then the other day I tried starting it and no fire. It cranks but doesnt start up. So far I have tried the following: Checked engine codes for...
  18. Lewie

    [SA] ICE 2 Step Street/Race Ignition Setup for a Holden 253-308 V8 with VN-VT EFI Heads.

    ITEM: For sale is a brand new ICE 2 Step Street/Race Ignition Setup for a Holden 253-308 V8 with VN-VT EFI Heads. Part number 7842MC I bought it a few years ago with the intention of fitting it to my project car but never got to it. Now it is no longer required. Setup was NEVER fitted to...
  19. 4

    VR V8 Cuts out when driving, horn beeps once and kicks in again

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents, I have an issue with my 94' VR V8 Auto Berlina Sedan. It runs fine and then the motor will cut out and stall, it will crank but will not start again for anywhere between 2 to 40 minutes afterwards. After a stall a successful ignition will be accompanied by a single...
  20. L

    What wires to use for a kill switch?

    VX Equipe I've been messing around with my car lately and I would like to put a kill switch on the ignition. The only thing is the videos I've seen for this the engine still cranks when the switch is on. What wire do I put the switch on so that the car wont even crank? Any pictures would be...
  21. C

    Missing/Timing problem WH Statesman

    Hey guys, I have a 99 WH Statesman. Lately it's been missing and/or the engine has been jolting a little bit randomly. Hot or cold. Never stalled. Don't notice it really at 100kph. But notice it a lot when you just touch the accelerator. Sometimes I can get a whole day without any...
  22. S

    Car sounds like it wants to start but doesn't for up to 10 mins

    Recently the car (Commodore, Berlina 1999) is having real difficulty starting up right away. Turning the ignition on the car makes the sound of starting up but never manages to complete the process, this can sometimes go on for up to 10 minutes before the car will start. We thought the car was...
  23. R

    Rough Idle and Start Issue, My approach!

    Hi all interested forum members. Just before i get started I have read through lots of info about my VY berlina both on here and online. The community support from this forum is by far the best by far so thanks everyone. I decided against creating a large post re all my issues and what i...
  24. N

    Problem With My Car, can you help?

    hiya i've got a holden commadore vs 97 and having problems with either the ignition/or the immobiliser, the car started and ran but it just cut out while driving and stopped, i pushed it back to my house and tried to start the car but nothing just sounded like it wanted to start but would'nt...
  25. T

    VT Battery Question?

    hey, just wondering would a century 57ef battery be fine to put in a vt commodore as mine has been dying slowly and its finally dead, and as i can get a 57ef battery for free until i have money to buy a good battery would it run it fine and not mess anything up?
  26. Mattde

    VZ Struggling to Startup?

    Lately my VZ has been having trouble starting up. Not sure when or what caused it but for upto 10 turns of the key all i get is a single tick like its trying to start up and then nothing. Eventually the car starts but it's getting just a little annoying now! The battery is fine so i can rule...
  27. J

    New Battery - Strange starting issue

    Hi all My old battery was on its last legs for awhile... I was reviving it occasionally with the charger. Anyway it finally died on Friday night. It wouldn't turn over at all. It would just make to clicking sound from the solenoid I assumed. It wouldn't take any charge from the charger...
  28. A

    VZ Ignition and cut out problem

    Good day, I have a Holden Commodore VZ 2006 which is sold in the Middle East under the name of Chevrolet Lumina, i have searched the forum (and i do whenever i have any problems with my vehicle) and thought of posting this as most of the solutions proposed did not workout. Please watch...
  29. camer0n

    No fuel getting to injectors

    So my car has been sitting for a while (1 - 2 months) waiting for parts to come from overseas. I had the intake manifold off to put the new fittings in and went to start but just kept turning over but didn't fire. Started checking the obvious first and I have no fuel getting to the injectors...
  30. VSinProgress

    Push button ignition

    Hi all, new here, 1st post also :) I love the forum, has helped me heaps already! Anyways, my ignition barrel crapped out this morning, old mate wanted $220 for a new barrel, yeah no thx mate! So I set out to get a couple of switches and a push button to wire it up myself. ($35 by the way)...
  31. K

    Ignition/Starting Problem HELP!!

    Hey i cant find a post on this anywhere but i could use some help with this. I have a problem with starting my car, evertime i unlock my car with the central locking remote i have about 15 seconds to start my car, after the 15 seconds i turn the key and nothing happens, and i mean NOTHING, it...
  32. M

    Ignition stays on when key turned on

    Hi Guys, Just today after washing the car 2001 vx wagon, I went to turn the key in the ignition and I felt something go and the car turned on but it didn't lock back into normal position (neutral mode?), its like the key stays on full, so you get that hideous noise (starter motor...
  33. U

    VX commodore turns over but won't fire

    Hi, I have a 2001 vx commodore. I can drive the car everyday for weeks on end and it doesnt miss a beat. Though sometimes it starts, I drive 20 feet and it stops then it turns over but wont fire. Sometimes i can come back an hour later it will start or the next day, and it will fire and seem to...
  34. B

    89 VN not Turning over

    Hi guys, First post, after so much forum stalking lol. Im having a problem with the ignition on my VN commodore. The car had a new battery installed a couple of weeks ago, started fine yesterday afternoon and then last night the engine didn't even turn over. When turning the ignition the...
  35. N

    sparks when starting the car from passenger side

    hey everyone need help! everytime i start the engine it takes an extra second a spark comes out under the passenger dash, where the passenger puts their feet. how to fix or should i just go to the dealer and ask them?
  36. D

    Commodore cuts out while driving

    I have a VS Holden Commodore, a few days ago my car motor while driving, started to drop out just for a moment then all ok. The next morning I jumped in drove for about 10 min parked, when I came back to the car it wouldn't start, ignition was fine but not kick over. I and others were thinking...
  37. L

    VR may have died - any idea what it could be?

    Ok, I was driving along and I kinda heard/felt a 'thump' and then it literally rolled to a stop - hasn't fired since. It turns over ok, no nasty noises, just won't start. A bit of history: this is an 'old' VR - the clock stopped at about 285ks about 4 years ago... i did a computer fault...
  38. M

    vs being tempermental - ignition wont work half the time, other half battery problems

    Please help!!! My vs acclaim has gone haywire! When I try to start the car it just clicks, if I take it key out and try again it eventually starts after the 20th time or so.... this was the case for a while anyway... then my interior light and key light decide to stay on all the time (so I...
  39. W

    Cleaned my idle air control, now there is a buzz when i turn the ignition on???

    Hey, i cleaned out my throttle body (while attatched) with carbi cleaner and paper towel, it was really black, and also pulled off my IAC and cleaned the hell out of that too.. I only let it dry for a few minutes and then put it back on.. Then went to start my engine, turned on the ignition and...
  40. J

    Flat Battery - fully charged to dead flat in 12 hours???

    Hi Guys, New member and poster so thanks in advance for any help you give!!! VS Commodore Acclaim V6. Had a dead flat battery last week and had RACV put new battery in. They did a test and advised that the alternator is charging properly. Come Friday and again the same thing with a new...