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  1. J

    Need help! Ve battery dead can't open doors to access

    Hey guys n gals, I'm experiencing an issue where I have left my 2007 ve ute in the garage for over a month all locked up and now that I've decided to take it for a drive... Noticed when I went to unlock it with the button nothing happened so I thought il change the key battery but no...
  2. Y

    2011 be commodore immobiliser on dash

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of the immune sign ony dash the car still status amd drives fine,please help
  3. E

    Vt issue - can't get in the car :(

    G'day all, I've read a few threads about this using the search function. Our situation doesn't quite fit anything that I've already found on the forum. Basically I can't get into the car (series2 V6 Acclaim ~360k km) by the key fob or manually using the key. Both key fobs don't work, one had...
  4. E

    Vt issue - can't get in the car :(

    G'day all, I've read a few threads about this using the search function. Our situation doesn't quite fit anything that I've already found on the forum. Basically I can't get into the car (series2 V6 Acclaim ~360k km) by the key fob or manually using the key. Both key fobs don't work, one had...
  5. Daggsy

    Engine immobilised

    I know this question has been asked before , yesterday my car displayed “engine immobilised refer to owners manual “ on dash . Car is now immobilised.. anyone know what caused it or know a solution.. 2007 VE CALAIS
  6. S

    Help with key fob

    Took battery out of my vx commodore and broke of the metal part that's soldering to the bottom of battery and circuit board. Left ignoring on for 6 hours and no immobiliser off. My vt worked but vx hasn't .don't bother with saying locksmith etc. I'm a backyard lol ain't have funds for new 1. Any...
  7. T

    Acclaim S2 not starting - immobiliser issue?

    Hi, first off: I am a backpacker, bought this car used and am also quite new to cars in general so please bare with me. I got a new car battery four weeks ago. About a week ago during my roadtrip up the east coast I helped two guys jump start their car. After that I drove another 3h tl Sydney...
  8. L

    VZ won't start (seems to be immobiliser but can't re-mobilise it)

    Hey guys, So, I stupidly let the battery go flat in my '06 VZ, and then tried using a jumper pack to get it started again. I should say from the outset that my remote key has never worked since I bought the car, I just unlock the car with the key (central still works) and until now that's not...
  9. P

    Immobilised my car

    So I bought a new key fob and just got it cut at mr minit. I thought i would try the manual programming trick but it triggered my immobiliser. Derp. Any tips on how to get it reset? Can't drive the car anywhere to get it programmed till its fixed obviously.
  10. U

    Key / Immobiliser / Starting Issue.

    I seem to have a small conundrum. I've browsed various sites looking for an answer, but none have exactly the same problem, hence the new thread. I have an issue with the key button for my '02 VUII SS ute not unlocking my doors. The first time this happened was 2am Sunday 24/5/15, after...
  11. B

    99 VT Immobiliser cutting in and not recognising key

    I have a 99 vt v6 commodore sedan and the other night the headlights stayed on after i turned the car off and went into work(which usually they turn off when you open drivers door) My car didnt start straight away but left it for 15 min to get a bit of charge up and it started straight away...
  12. N

    Problem With My Car, can you help?

    hiya i've got a holden commadore vs 97 and having problems with either the ignition/or the immobiliser, the car started and ran but it just cut out while driving and stopped, i pushed it back to my house and tried to start the car but nothing just sounded like it wanted to start but would'nt...
  13. J

    1990 VN Commodore Executive Immobiliser Help

    I Recently lost the keys and factory Immobiliser to my VN commodore. I Called a Holden Dealership to get the key code which then I went to the locksmiths and got a new key cut. I tried starting the car with that key but will not turn over and the red security light does not switch off. I can not...
  14. D

    VS wont start

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a VS to use for a while while I save up for a new transmission in my other vehicle. I love the VS its a great car. Yesterday I parked at work for the day like i usually do...i came back in the afternoon and the headlights were on (i did have them on in the...
  15. R

    Vp V6 immobiliser problems

    Hey, I have a vp v6 which the immobiliser has been over ridden to an extent where you can start the car and while the car is running it will beep and flash "press remote" for about 2 minutes. I decided too look into hard wiring it as it did not come with a key and it seems as though some one has...
  16. Curran

    Car acting real weird

    so where to begin, i have a vt berlina that just doesnt like starting i can get in it of a morning it will start fine drive into town (15 minute drive) and when i get there turn it off and go to turn it back on straight away and get nothing. just starter motor clicking. my first instinct was...
  17. R

    vp immobiliser

    Hey guys, when I start my vp it makes a horrible beeping noise and a light flashes continously for about two minute while im driving and then they both stop after that. I dont have the immobiliser key. Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks
  18. K

    Vs Commodore S1, Immobiliser not working yet still able to start car.

    Hi Guys, My Vs commodore ute s1 1995ish wont start. I spoke to a few ppl over beers and they said its usually the key fob's battery that goes flat, So I got a new replacement key from Mister Minit $90(they copied the old keys code) I tried the new key, but nothing. You put the key in, turn...
  19. S

    VS commodore central locking/immobiliser problem

    I have the problem of not being able to start the car without having to wait 2 hours to bypass the immobiliser. The car somehow got deadlocked and a passer-by said to use the key in the door and force it. Which he did. Got the door open but only the drivers side door. The car would not start...
  20. W

    WH statesman v6 issues

    I have a WH v6 which won't start, when I try to start it it cranks for a bit fires then stalls, like it has a dodgy fuel pump, but that's fine, the doors won't lock or unlock with the remote, so I'm guessing it may have something to do with the immobilizer, when you leave the ignition in the on...
  21. N

    How to bypass the immobiliser, don't want the car towed to the locksmith!

    Hello everyone, I am a backpacker from Slovenia and I am having a problem with my Holden Commodore VT 1999 station wagon. I am in Agnes Water right now and I dropped the only key I have in water and now it doesn't start the car anymore. I have talked to a couple of locksmith companies in...
  22. J

    vt start then stop / immobiliser issue? dead key? PLEASE HELP

    hi all ive read alot about this on as many forums as i can and ive tried it all so please i need some real help. this is what happened drove to the pub, locked the car. came out and key remote (3 button) does not open doors, so opened manually. turn ignition, car turns over and fires...
  23. G

    christmas dramas - Any ideas how I can disable the immobiliser?

    I have a holden commodore vn wagon I think it's 1990 model, had an immobiliser fitted about 6 years ago. Just stopped working yesterday, so I cant start the car. Battery seems fine, headlights and interior light work fine. Dash lights don't come on when I turn the key. :hmmm: Under the steering...
  24. Maxxiz

    VS Immobiliser

    Hey guys, searched a bit but didnt find a definitive answer. My keys been stuffing me around a bit, firstly central locking wasn't working, opened the key up to find the battery not clipped in (If you know what I mean lol) so clipped it in, works fine now.. even chucked a dab of superglue under...
  25. redlion05

    Immobiliser problems on VN Calais

    Hi All! My Vn Calais is experiencing problems with deactivating the immobiliser. I've had the original remote changed over 2 years ago with a $60 reprogramed remote. It worked a dream. Until 1 week ago, I parked my car in the garage and it wouldnt lock. Replaced the battery the next day...
  26. H

    Help needed???

    Ok so I have a 95 Commodore and got a new Electric Key a few months back for it ....And a New battery installed in my car about a month ago...Lately my Immobiliser keeps going off randomly...And i'm not sure why??? Like constantly beeping like the horn noise until I unlock the car...I tried...