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    Check engine / immobilizer?

    Howdy. Just got my 2010 sv6 back from getting hail repaired, check engine light came on as soon as it started.. The repairers put code checker on it and they said it was an immobilizer error? It cleared and hasn't come back on so far(1 day) Ive never had a check engine light so it freaked me a...
  2. L

    VZ won't start (seems to be immobiliser but can't re-mobilise it)

    Hey guys, So, I stupidly let the battery go flat in my '06 VZ, and then tried using a jumper pack to get it started again. I should say from the outset that my remote key has never worked since I bought the car, I just unlock the car with the key (central still works) and until now that's not...
  3. S

    Immobilizer bypassing

    So my mate's vy key buttons stopped working, tried to fix it himself and pretty much ended up wrecking the chip in the key, all he's got now is the metal key part. Been going crazy trying to find a way to turn the immobilizer off but no luck, and nothing on the net, if anybody knows how we can...
  4. S

    Holden SV6 MY07/8 Immobilizer Bypass?

    Hi Guys, First post, - While I understand the title could come a little concerning please assure positive intent. This morning my Holden VE SV6 was stolen, I had the ONLY key that has the immobilizer, however the door/ glove box unlock key was inside the vehicle. The car WAS locked...
  5. S

    Security light / immobilizer issues

    Can anyone advise me as to why my security light is not flashing in my VT and why the immobilizer is not letting me start my car