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  1. Dechlan Tutty

    Are VY/VZ side indicators the same as Astra ones?

    Hi everyone, I've recently plasti-dipped my badges black on my VZ SV6 and now the clear/white looking side indicators look out of place above the, now black, V6 logo. I was looking on eBay for some smoked/tinted/black ones, but could only find a set that was like $240, which is ridiculous...
  2. scaredyet

    What's up with my indicators?

    Every now and then my indicators stick or flash very slowly I'm not sure what the deal is but it's happening a lot lately. I have changed every relay in the car for new one's about a month ago but that didn't seem to do anything. I don't have a sticky indicator when the car is locked with my...
  3. J

    VY indicating right blows fuse

    Hi guys, I've got a problem in my drivers side indicator wiring. When I indicate left there's no issue but when I indicate right it blows the 15A fuse. I've replaced the flasher unit, the indicator switch and the front/rear globes and still having issues, I've looked at all the wiring I can and...
  4. T

    Vr Brake Lights & Indicators playing up? Need a little help :)

    Hi I got an issue with my lights and wondering if someone can point my in the right direction to fix it. Only one of the brake lights is lighting up while putting my foot on the brake. When I turn my headlights on both the rear brake lights glow so the bulb isn't blown, then when I put my foot...
  5. dashdown98

    Will VN headlights and grille fit VP?

    I own a VP ute with a stock front end. I like the look of some of the VN grilles going around, and I know that the grille is a different shape to the VP, but if you swap out the headlights and grille from a VN can you keep the VP indicators? I really don't want to get two whole new left and...
  6. D

    VX 2001 S Ex Police Car Faulty Hazards

    Hi, I have a 2001 VX S ex police car. Neither the hazards or the indicators are working I have checked all the fuses and relays and replaced the hazard lights switch with no prevail. There is power to all the swiches. All the indicators flash when the car is locked and unlocked. Any help would...
  7. J

    running leds in tail lights/brake lights indicators rear side/guard and front

    Just need some help I installed red leds in my tail lights in my vs sedan but as soon as I did when I put my brake on my dash and headlights come on... any ideas why? Appreciate it! Also if anyone knows the globe codes for all of these would be so helpfull. Eg tail/brake light globes boot tail...
  8. V

    Both side indicators on and stay on when i turn the key and start the car

    Hi guys im absolutely dumb founded i push the buttons on my key unlock the car and both front and rear indicators on both sides stayin on even whilst driving can anyone help please
  9. P

    VS Indicators behaving VERY strangely

    Ok, my ride is a 95 VS acclaim Few days ago, my LEFT side indicators started playing up...meaning the BRAKE lights would come on when i indicated left, but the RHS working just fine. It was an intermittent problem but giving me the willies, as it would also cancel the cruise Somebody told...
  10. K


    hi guys, anyone have info on why my vz comm wagon is freezing my r/h indicator when the headlights are on. light stays on permanent and no flash. this began after playing with trailer lights to suit this vehicle. cheers kel
  11. M

    pre-apprentice needing help

    I'm stuck on an assessment . When the park lights are on and I turn the indicators the park lights flash in opposite time to the indicator . Any help is appreciated
  12. F

    Issues with lights and indicators on vp Calais

    Did some searching on Google and can't seem to find my problem so posting it on here. The problem is my high beam will work when pulled to flash but not when pushed forward. Also my indicators won't work when signalling left or right but all work when I use the hazards can't seem to find the...
  13. D

    LED Lights

    Hi all, just wondering if the VE and VY Commodore would need a new flasher unit in order for LED indicators to work properly. If anyone who has done this your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. V

    VX indicators stay on, not flashing, intermittently

    Hi there, I've searched around here (after I hastily ordered a replacement indicator control stalk from Ebay ~$30 delivered) and it seems the hazard light switch going dodge can cause this issue. After reading that and putting hazards on and off it worked ok for a few minutes and then...
  15. S

    VT Side indicator looms

    Doods, Replaced a side indicator bulb the other day and noticed the connectors are covered in electrical tape. The bulb will only work when pushed in slightly sideways and not all the way, so it's basically a dodgy loom that previous owner has 'fixed'... Are the side repeater looms...
  16. VTProductions

    help fuse issues and light problems

    hi every1 one day i realised that one of my reverse lights werent working so i bought one n changed it went i heard a ping. search on the net and found out it was the backup fuse under the bonnet when i changed it my reverse light worked i heard another ping now my front indicators dont work so...
  17. P

    Indicators Won't Work?!

    Okay, driving home from work today my indicators stopped working and to make it worse there was a nice bright green cop behind me, got pulled over and nearly got out of a fine for not indicating around a round-a-bout.. Anywho, I've looked up past threads and followed some of their tips...
  18. K

    VR runs rough, electrical issue

    Hi All, Hoping for a bit of advice with a new issue on my VR v8. Recently got it back from the Panel beaters, got a door replaced and the front bumper done as well thanks to a little old lady reversing into it. Anyhoo, Got it back and she was driving fine, almost home and went to press...
  19. Raremetal

    Opinion Altezza clear tail lights + crystal clear indicators for a VR Wagon.

    Hey guys, Just after some opinions on Altezza Clear Tail lights, I have found a set on eBay to fit my VR, I've seen them around and I recon they look good. My VR's colour is blue/silver the standard 94 colour. Was wondering if I could get your opinion on looks/suggestions? or should I go...
  20. heggsy

    vs commodore??

    do any vs commodores come out with clear side indicators? i thought that some did but i cant seem to find anything about it and i got defected for it :(
  21. V

    Indicator Flash Speed Changed

    Just installed a new indicator flash unit as the indicators were coming on (all globes working) but either not flashing, or flashing irregularly and slowly. Now the indicators appear fine (flashing, all working) however the speed is quicker that what it was. Have been told that the flash...
  22. M

    VR Indicators not working

    I just bought a VR Series 2, and the indicators have just stopped working, Ive checked the fuses and made sure all relays etc are good, and they are, any one got any ideas as to what has happened? Hazard lights dont work either. Any help would be reat, thanks
  23. B

    Hazard lights not working

    Guys, Any hints on what is going on here. I have a VR Equipe. The indicators work fine. When I use the hazard switch, there is no flashing going on. Also, when the hazard switch is in, the indicators fail to work. Is the hazard switch faulty? Or is there something else going on? Thanks...