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  1. monstar

    [LS3] Engine Fluid Dynamics (breathing better)

    I did some research and development re NA induction recently. FWIW below is an overview of induction mods ordered in a hierarchy of positive impact (daily driving across the board): Ported throttle Aux air dam Ported intake Tuned MAF tube Air straightener Radius bars (RamAir / rod mod) Variable...
  2. monstar

    [LS3] Induction Variability - VLIM

    Simple answer is not enough room for simple cheap system, plus it's the power density that puts our 200kg 340kW donk in the all time legend league (not the old school mechanical nostalgia like people toss off to). TL;DR Variable Length Intake Manifold (VLIM) on LS is too bulky and all...
  3. C

    Best Cold Air Induction Kit for 2009 VE SV6

    Just wondering what the best cold air induction kit for a 09 VE sv6 is and offers the most performance?
  4. T

    VY S Mods and Performance Problems

    Hi, I'm just looking for anyone who can give a bit of advice. Currently I have a (mostly) stock VY S, the only mod on it so far is a Lukey 2.5" Cat back exhaust. I've got my eye on some of the induction mods from MACE. Though I'm a bit reluctant to jump in and start installing them because...
  5. S

    Z32 afm?

    I have the Z32 AFM but brought it before i new you had to run it with a new ECU, would i be able to run it just off the stock AFM plug or is there a way around it without getting a new ECU? Dont get me wrong id love a new NIStune or PowerFC ECU although i don't have the funds atm. cheers

    Supercheap Induction Kits

    Hey, Was at SuperCheap the other day and they have some Induction kits for the commy vs for like $40. Anyone ever put one on their car before or heard anything about them? Just seems weird that they would sell them is all and so cheap, I expect they are pointless waste of money? Cheers
  7. D

    Just Installed CAI

    Hey Guys, --2004 VY V6 S-Pack-- I just installed my own version of a CAI. I Cost me $55 for all parts. I picked up a CAI flexible pipe from AutoOne at Waitara (NSW) and some cable ties. Basically i cut a hole right next to the stock intake hole in the airbox and connected up the flexi...
  8. 01VU2

    Another CAI question...

    Ok, firstly i apologise in advance for asking a question on this topic, i CAN use the search tool and i know theres squillions of threads on CAI's. HOWEVER im asking a pretty specific question and i cant seem to find the answer. SO, i have a vu series II ute and im servicing it and i was going...
  9. A

    AIR INTAKE MOD COMPLETE - Better than 2-hole mod?

    ladz i have been playing around with my intake today and this is what ive come up with. an aluminium pipe leading from my air box to the ground in order to take in as much cold air as possible I, like a lot of other people dont believe in the 2 hole mod for various reasons. As for...