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  1. 1QIK VN

    VN 5L no spark, or injector pulse... Need help...

    I am the owner of a VN BT1 and have been doin it up for quite some time and spent a considerable amount of time and money on it. Recently I started the engine up and had it idling, all good, then it just shut down all of a sudden. I tried to start it again and it just winds over but won't fire...
  2. 0

    02 v6 vy engine electrical issues

    hey guys i have a 02 v6 vy with a mystery electrical issue 3 times in the last 4 months it has cut out while driving and restarts but badly miss firing and stalls after a second or 2. the first time playing with engine control and fuel pump relays got it going the second time i suspected cas...
  3. K

    Vz Running Rough

    Started my vz v6 lumina drove for a little bit, car started running very rough and misfiring. Checked all areas for vacuum leaks, there were non. One by one I disconnected the coil packs while the car was running and found that “cylinder 1” had no change when disconnected. I than swapped coil...
  4. koankoan

    How do I install/replace new fuel injectors?

    Hi everyone, so I was wondering if anyone had, knew of, seen any or know any instructionals on how to install new (or replacement) fuel injectors into a 3.0l holden VE alloytec? This has me confused. Do I install the fuel injectors first, then attach the fuel rail after? I'm just not sure...
  5. koankoan

    Injector clips to fuel rail - need advise 09 VE SIDI

    Hi everyone, I have 6 new fuel injectors (bosch/hitachi style like picture below), and am having touble getting the clips that connect the injectors to the fuel rail. The car's a 2009 VE Omega SIDI 3.0L If you know what I'm talking about, it's the 2 part clips, one crescent shaped one fits...
  6. VTL67Calais

    front LH injector replaced still not firing, what it stopping my FlH injector??

    Hi have replaced -belts pulleys bla bra -electical -leads -plugs -injectors -coils Motor sounds like one cylinder missing and when i pull on each injector lead the motor gets worse except ( number 1 cylinder )LRH when sitting in car. So my guess is its...
  7. Zerone_V

    P0204 - VE Injector Problems - How Common

    Hi everyone, On the way home tonight the car started spluttering. When I got home, I checked the OBD reader on and the car spat out a P0204 Injector Circuit Open - Cylinder 4. I had a quick play around with the injector plug, and got the thing running again for a period of 2 minutes, before...
  8. moocow

    very bad fuel economy

    hey guys c: my car is a 1995 vs berlina with a vt engine. I'd been noticing my fuel economy get worse and worse for a little while now. lately it has been really bad. a tank of fuel would be lucky to last me a week with light driving to work and back and the occasional other trip. a large...
  9. pow3rslave

    injectors the same between vs v8 and vn/vp v8?

    my vs s1 v8 needs a new set of injectors, but i can't find any stock vs v8 ones on ebay, some remanufacturing place said they'd have some in soon, but that the vn/vp ones they had didn't flow enough. anyone know if this is accurate, or have access to some part numbers to confirm this.