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  1. R

    VT not starting Grounding issue? BCM??

    Hey so I’ve been having problems starting the VT. Got a new remote attached to the original head from mr minit worked for a week flawlessly then buckled it. Car cranks but it’s as if fuel isn’t sending but the pump primes and works well under load, also once the car decides to start there’s a...
  2. Z

    Serious Help Needed!!!

    Hey, My VZ is stalling sometimes on start up and has really negative long term fuel trims on bank 1 (-15%) and slightly negative on the other (-4%). I just put in new injectors and got this ECU replaced (unrelated issue that required a new ECU). I know it could be O2 but how do I diagnose...
  3. scaredyet

    VZ V6 Fuel Injectors?

    I think I may need to change my injectors as my car has a huge shake when I started it this morning and I got a check powertrain error. I have a 2005 V6 VZ wagon LE0. What I Hector's do they have the blue or black. I have new plugs and could to go and just want to buy some reconditioned injectors
  4. N

    2011 ve sv6 viton injector o'rings

    Hi, ive just removed my injectors and had them cleaned and ohm tested but nowhere seems to be able to pressure test them due to the seemingly unique sized viton o'ring. I've been searching the web with sizes ( 1/2" outside diameter, 1/4" inside diameter, 1/8" thickness). Any help wouldd be...
  5. S

    Lpg injector and vaporizer issue

    Hi everyone, my holden commodore omega ve series 2 lpg 2013 takes long time to start..i had an diagnosis check at holden service centre and they told me to change the injectors and vaporizer..It will cost $3600. Please suggest some possible solution or what i need to do?
  6. DeathSammich

    L67 Injectors

    L67 running rough and just realised I had l36 Injectors in lol. What symptoms would this cause due to the fact it isn't tuned to use l36 Injectors? Would it explain struggling to start/not starting and running really rough with lack of throttle response? Thanks
  7. R

    Starting issues 3.8L VR

    So I recently inherited a rusty 94 VR ute which had been sitting round the last 6months. I was able to jump start it and ride it round for a bit. Then the other day I tried starting it and no fire. It cranks but doesnt start up. So far I have tried the following: Checked engine codes for...
  8. T

    42lb/440cc injectors ecotech v6 supercharged

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone would know a compatible part number to suit a supercharged v6 ecotech want something 42lb/440cc or bigger if possible cant seem to find a part number that would be compatible. Thanks in advance
  9. A

    95 vs commodore ?

    Hi guys, im new here i have a 95 vs commodore ute dual fuel petrol and gas, and in the last few days its been playing up a little. to start with its really hard to start. it will wind over and over again ( does not sound like flat battery or anything like that ) after about 3 attempts it...
  10. L

    l67 standard parts?

    Hey guys ... asked around in the l67 forums of facebook with no answer. just wondering what the standard size of the throttle body is for a L67 vt commie. and the Injectors LB for L67. tried googling all this with no answers again.
  11. danbran

    Ecotec injectors?

    Any recommended injectors for a v6 ecotec to support power mods such as twin TB, rockers, and other bits? cheers
  12. S

    Vs ecotec v6 statsman need help pulling injectors of the rail

    Is there any specific way to remove the injector , out of the fuel rail socket ? Iv tryed twisting,pulling, turning , can't get it need help ASAP guy thanks (y)
  13. R

    Alloytec random misfire, fuel injectors?????

    Hi, So the VE went to holden today for a p0300 fault (Random multiple misfire) cyl , 1,3,5,. I have replaced a couple of coils and swapped other across to the other bank. With the fault not changing sides. Anyway after also checking earths and vac leaks around bank 1 have not fould a solution...
  14. J

    VL hoses / major fuel leaks

    Hey there. My VL was leaking fuel from the injectors, hoses and fuel pump.. And kept stalling. The last time I had it running it stalled every time I tried to accelerate. I pulled it apart to do injectors, and realized all the hoses are still original (they're all cracked) I know it's a big job...
  15. W

    Metho in fuel?

    I was talking to a mate at work the other day about are cars and what not and we came on the suubject of cleaning parts in our cars and he said that if you put abit of metho in your fuel then it should clean your injectors has any one heard of this before and does it actually work?
  16. djdomohudson

    Smell of petrol inside

    Hey, Today I could smell petrol while I was idling but on the highway it wasn't there. When I got to my destination the smell was back. This has been going on all day. A phonecall with my mechanic said it might be the rubber hose leading to the injectors and I thought oh right no worries that...
  17. Z

    Revs Drop when taking my foot off the Accelerator and when Braking

    I've noticed that when I take my foot off the accelerator pedal the revs drop rapidly to 1.000 and also when I brake it drops. Does it have anything to do with Fuel ? or Injectors? I use 95 Octane all the time and I usually put Injector cleaning fluid. Any Help will be appreciated !
  18. The Sicilian

    [VIC] Bosch fuel injectors to suit VX V6 ECOTEC - Used

    ITEM: 6 x Bosch Fuel Injectors to suit VX V6 - Part number 0 280 155 777 LOCATION: VIC CONDITION: Used PRICE: on eBay starting price $35 CLICK HERE FOR LINK DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: $12.50 PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal via eBay CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: 6 genuine Bosch fuel injectors...
  19. aussieakito

    [VIC] Selling some bits (leads/ injectors)

    ITEM: - Used Genuine Bosch fuel injectors from VT (5 availabe) - used TOP GUN Spark Plug Leads Suits VS VT Ecotec V6 3.8 LOCATION: West Melbourne CONDITION: used but all working PRICE: -injectors $10 each + postage -Leads $30 + postage (negotiable) DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  20. M

    3.8 Eco Injector issue - HELP APPRECIATED

    Hi there. My stock as a rock VS 3.8 Ecotec has an issue with the three injectors on the Left handside. Once you turn the ignition on, and the fuel pump kicks in, Fuel begins to spray at high pressure from the injectors. Just three on the one side. Not too sure where to start with this issue...??
  21. H

    1995 vr duel fuel wont start. injectors or bcm?

    i just got a 1995 vr commodore duel fuel the first thing i noticed was there is fuel in the oil and it wont start i got the key to finally go but the car wont start the immobiliser light turned off when i got the key to go but there is no power to the injectors the belt spins and everything else...
  22. N

    93 VR V6 Berlina wont start? Makes one click when i turn ignition and thats it..

    I removed the injectors fuel rail and a few necessary wires and hoses to get the upper manifold off..I cleaned the lot ( was having serious issues with starting and it ran like a bucket of S#$T..) Changed spark plugs leads , did an oil change..When i replaced everything, i went to start the car...
  23. H

    VT V6 Fuel Injectors leaking from the top

    Fuel injectors keep leaking from the top! I had a rough idle and worked out that one of my injectors had a broken pintle cap on the bottom so was letting air out from the manifold. I decided to purchase a remanufactured set of fuel injectors. I pulled out the old injectors and put in the...
  24. W

    Magna injectors in a VT

    I have a vt commodore with an exhaust, extractors cold air intake and high ratio rockers and was wondering whether anyone has had any experience with using magna injectors in vt's and weather it makes a difference to performance or economy, I have 2 sets currently out of Magna's some CDH 210's...
  25. A


    hi everyone. i thought some one might be able to help with what type of injector i already have in my 5.7 l holden V8, VS senator. Also not sure about cc vs lb ratings? obviously metric and imperial but what matches the other?? i am thinking of putting a larger throttle body or changing...
  26. T

    3 of 8 Injectors staying open

    I have a VS 5.0 that 3 of the 8 injectors seem to not be firing and staying open. I have had a new computer installed and still no go. Its basicly undriveable as it randomly loses all pressure and starts blowing out white smoke with a horrible smell of unburnt fuel and runs very very rough. If I...
  27. JA2Z

    Injectors - Will VS-VY(Ecotec) fit VR (Buick)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at some supercharged motor fuel injectors for my VR Series 2. Will Ecotech ones fit the Buick Motor Also any advise on psi:cc ratio requirements would be great (i.e. what cc rating injectors are recommended for different psi levels) Thanks
  28. SUSS8

    [Ecotec] Injector Upgrade?

    I own a VT V6 and was just having a look around on the net, and I came across something; Injector Upgrades. Upgrading your injector to say Bosch Fuel injectors, will this make any sort of difference? and will it make a difference if I did it to my VT? :unsure:
  29. VS5spdV6uteowner

    possible fuel pump problem? please help!!!

    :bang:my vs ute isnt starting anymore, but before this happened i would have a problem where if i put the foot down just even a bit the fuel would cut off and id end up stalling, this eventually got worse and would happen if i tried to baby it. Now it wont crank over. When i go to crank it i...