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  1. J

    Harrop TrueTrac LSD Rebuilds Adelaide

    Hi. mom looking at getting a 3.75 or 3.9 Harrop TrueTrac LSD conversion/rebuild on my 2014 Series 1 VF SS Commodore Sedan (auto), but I’m having a lot of trouble finding reputable places to facilitate this in Adelaide for any reasonable price. I know I can buy them off eBay, but all the...
  2. J

    2014 VF SS Series 1 Sedan

    Hey, Looking for suggests on some good rim suggestions to run at 19” or maybe 20” on some coil overs on a 2014 Series 1 VF SS Holden Commodore Sedan - probably on the Michelin Prost Sport 4. Aftermarket handling upgrade suggestion really appreciated. I like aftermarket and want to eventually...
  3. B

    VF Wagon Power Amp Install

    My previous VF Calais wagon was written off after hail storm damage so I removed the Kicker ZX200.2 amp and Alpine speakers before they carted it off. My replacement Calais V VF wagon has no room under the passenger seat for the amp due to the seat electrics. The only place where it would fit is...
  4. N

    I need some urgent front bumper fascia advice!

    I have a vr ute, this is my second car but my first to holden makes an models: I bought a vr wagon front bumper and the fascia sits nicely but i cant screw in the 3 screws that go above the license plate holder because of these plastic notches. What i was thinking was to sand down these...
  5. Dean O'Sullivan

    VE OMEGA Sub & Amp Install.

    Just bought dual subs & an amp for my Omega, wondering what cords are needed for the install? or if there is a kit im able to purchase with all the cables needed?
  6. V

    VE Radiator Support (how to install?)

    Just wondering if the radiator support just bolts on or do you need to do tac welds aswell? Cheers
  7. Hancock5158

    Fitting SRS steering wheel on non-airbag VS. (+ turn signal cancel fix)

    Good evening. I just got done fitting a genuine HSV leather steering wheel out of a VS Clubsport into my non-airbag series III VS ute. Couldnt find much info on the matter before i started so once it began looking like it might actually work i decided to snap a cuttla pictures before i put it...
  8. L

    2000 VT Acclaim Sedan B&M ShiftPlus+ kit HELP!

    Hey guys, I bought one of these B&M ShiftPlus+ kits and I'm trying to find the relevant wires to tap into. I know there are other threads here but none of them actually state where and what wires I need to install this kit. any help would be very appreciated! Cheers Jordan
  9. F

    VE Calais -- dash cam install

    Hi guys, Bought a fancy dash cam front and rear. Have attached the cams, but the cables are annoying. Anyone know an easy way to install them and hide thrm nicely? Dont want to rip up the roof lining if theres another way. Plus, hate that the cig lighter is in the middle of the car...
  10. N

    VE Ute Sub Install

    Hey all, Trying to add a bit more bass to the ute and came across these on ebay (Fusion CP AS1080 8 Inch 600W Slim Active SUB Subwoofer Inbuilt Amplifier UTE | eBay) says it has a high level input? Can anyone tell me the process of installing this or link me to it? I have done a bit of...
  11. Hancock5158

    Installing Cruise Control, Manual VS III Ute???

    Hey guys, long time stalker first time poster.. I've been looking around the forum and other places for a few days now trying to find some stuff on how to install cruise control on a manual VS, but a lot of stuff I've read either talks about autos or doesn't give much detail, a lot of info is...
  12. jwoodsy

    My VE SS DIY Cam swap and post tune thoughts/experiences. L98 M6.

    Hey Guys, I just thought id share with you the path I took to getting my Cam installed myself and my thoughts after the install. There wasn't much around in terms of cam installs specific to VE's so hopefully this will help others out. Please note this is showing how I did my MANUAL Ute. If...
  13. M

    Adding Speakers to VE Sportwagon

    Hi There Just a question that i havnt been able to find an answer for after lots of forum searching... Previously in my last car i had: - 2 pairs of rockford fosgate power 5 x 7's - 1 rockford fosgate p500-4 (4 channel amp) - 2 kicker CVR Comps - 1 Alpine MRX-M110 Because there is...
  14. Holden vz

    How to install foglights on a vz executive

    Hey guys Got a sv6 body kit on my car but no fog lights thinking of buying a pair off eBay but just want to know if anyone has done this before and what I would need to install them if someone could help me out on this it would be greatly appreciated
  15. Holden vz

    Pedders lowering springs

    i just bought some lowering springs for my vz commodore that is already lowered , but the lowered springs on the rear of my car are cylinder shaped and the spring i got from pedders are more round shaped, just wanted to know if they fit or not before i try to put them on
  16. C

    Vt/vx commodore connecting RCAs to headunit

    Hey everyone I'm new here but need some advice on how to connect the rcas from my amp to my headunit I got my Sony double din headunit professionally installed last year and am now attempting to put an amp in my car. My question is how do I take the headunit out? And is there a way to connect...
  17. J

    07 VE Omega

    Hey guys, Got a 07 Omega and sick of the boring headunit, was thinking about getting a second hand Calais like this VE / G8 Stereo IRC Facia and Head Unit | eBay was wondering howmuch it would cost to get re coded if anyone knows, i live near Sydney. Also thinking about getting a LCD...
  18. L

    how do i install a sc14 supercharger on a vr commodore

    i brought a sc14 supercharger with all the brackets and piping just need help on how to install it
  19. A

    Genuine front parking sensors on a 2008 Berlina Sportwagon, is it possible?

    Hi everyone, so we've got a 2008 Berlina Sportwagon and we already have the rear sensors but, it would be good to have the front ones. What I want to know is if it is possible? How much will it cost and where can I get it?
  20. T

    06 VE SSV, Removal of factory amp and stock subs

    hey all, i have been doing some in depth reading about installing a LOC, amp and sub into my SSV. i have the 11 speaker setup with the two free air subs in the parcel shelf. my question is, if i remove the factory amp and leave the loom just hanging there, will that affect any of my other...
  21. Ando2694

    What will i need for my fog light installation?

    Hey fellas, Recently bought a VX SS front bar and purchased some foggies for it off ebay. eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d My question is when the foglights get here on monday (hopefully), what will i need to install them? I know im going to need a relay and...
  22. I

    Help how do i take out the vp cluster out?

    Hi i have a Vp berlina v6 which need the cluster replace as its buggered. I have a new Cluster to put in but have no idea how to remove the old one. Can some tell me how to remove it? Thanks heaps.
  23. J

    [VT-VX] Installing an aftermarket Head Unit

    Car - 2001 VXII Acclaim Task - To remove the factory head unit and replace it with a better aftermarket one. Reason - Because the standard head units in VT-VX's are bin worthy. Tools / Consumables needed an old coat hanger side cutters the following tools aren't needed if you buy an...
  24. V

    gear knob

    hey everyone i want to change my gear knob on me manual vs and i was just wondering if u can just change the knob or u need to change the shaft as well. if u can change the knob can someone please let me know how. thanks
  25. F

    Some questions I just cant find answers for...

    Ok so I've spent a few hours looking through the stickys and while they have helped greatly there is still a few things I don't understand... Background: I have a VX Exec (2000 model) with a Pioneer DEH-P5150UB which has seperate RCA out for Front, Rear and Subwoofer. I am...
  26. R


    ok sounds abit wanky i know but i want to install rainbow downlights into the rear pillars of my car and mould them to a nice angle. i know i can get 12v rainbow downlights and what not, im just wondering if anyone has seen this done or done it before and could tell me a couple of things to...
  27. StormVY

    [VY] Splice in LED light strips to your fog light wires.

    *Please note I did this on a VY Storm (aka SS bodykit) so the wiring and switch availability may not be there for everyone. Check here for some info on hooking up your lights without a fog switch, ie. to your parkers.* This is just a basic mod and will only apply to a minority who a) Have fog...
  28. L

    Installing VL fog lights

    Hey, my Dad's mate installed spot lights for our Land Cruiser a while back but he's wired it so that they'll turn on (via a dash-mounted switch) only when the High-beams are running.. Simple I own a VL Commodore Exec. Station Wagon and want to install some switch-activated fog lights as I...
  29. V

    VY Roller Rockers + LSD?

    Ive been told by many people on this site that i should get roller rockers and an LSD( with changed gear ratio?) on my car for better acceleration and fun-nes to drive. So now i need to know info about wheres good to go in perth for either of these items. i want to get them installed...
  30. N

    VE V Calais subwoofer + amp upgrade

    i have a 2008 VE V Calais and want to upgrade the stereo system. what i mainly want is a sub (or two depending on the price). i know i will need an amp for this but don't know what to look for... the stock speakers are pretty good so I'll leave them in as they are now. i have no clue what to...
  31. JSTCOZ

    New headlights and install?

    Hey, Getting a bit sick of my stock yellow headlights, wouldn't mind something brighter and more white or white/blue colour. I heard that 'Philips Ultra Vision' are great buys? Only problem is that: a) I can't find a store that sells them. b) How do you change the headlight bulbs on your car...
  32. 9

    installing second hand vs ecotec. what i need

    hey people i bought a 1996 vs s2 acclaim wagon about a month ago for 500 just for something to get to work with and that had rego and dude let me drive under his rego till run out. but since then the engine has been running like **** and knocking or rattling on idle and gets even louder and...
  33. S

    [WA] Sound Sytem Installer Wanted for VY

    I am looking for an Auto Sparkie or someone who can install sound systems blindfolded. I have an Amp, Sub (already in box), side speakers (front and back), head unit. I currently live in Kalgoorlie and the cheapest I can get here is $360, that includes the frame for the head unit. I am moving...
  34. S

    VY Head Unit Removal

    I bought my new sound system but am not going to put it all in at once because I have no idea what I am doing and I don't have money left to get it installed by a pro. Instead I just want to take it one piece at a time, starting with the head unit. I tried once and failed at removing it, I read...
  35. J

    Towbar on VR Calais 5L?

    Hey Commies! I've got a quick question about my 93 VR Calais: I'm moving interstate, and was wondering if anyone knows where I would be able to find someone to install a towbar for me, and how much it would approximately cost. I'm currently located on the Gold Coast, but have no problem...
  36. Jake.VScommo

    VX seats in VS

    hey, does anybody kno the best way to instal VX seats into a VS. i'm more concerned about the back but it would be gd to kno the best way to fit front and back. thanks :dance:
  37. P

    Head Unit Removal Tool - Mazda 121

    This isn't commodore related so sorry if this is in the wrong section - I just figured car audio would be the place. Can an admin move my thread if necessary.(normally my questions are about my VT, i'm not just using this forum for this.) I am looking for a tool to remove the stereo from my...
  38. Abrowne70

    Installing Extractors to a VP V6

    Hey guys Ive searched the forums and only found, how to install extractors to an ecotec. Now im wondering, do i have to remove the power steering components or can i squeeze extractors in and out without removing it. If there's a write up somewhere, i searched but couldn't find it and if...
  39. VRV6BT1

    fluid coolers, how to?

    Hey, I just purchased both a trans cooler and power steering cooler off ebay. I want to install the trans cooler in-line with the output of the cooler in the radiator. 1. Is there a kit I can buy to connect up to the standard connectors? 2. Does anyone know the best way to install it...