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  1. D

    Supercharged VP?

    Hey everyone, I've got a 1992 V6 VP commodore executive. Lately I've been doing some research on supercharges and trying to work out if it's worth doing It's primarily a burnout car, my main questions are 1) would i notice a difference if it was supercharged while doing a burnout 2) the rough...
  2. B

    questions on dragon digital gauge installation

    Ok so im no stranger to car's, mechanics, wiring, or anything that has to do with cars. But for some reason im losing my training when it comes to wiring up a set of digital gauges.... I mean its simple 3 wire setup and for some reason I cant get the gauges to work properly? 1wire for...
  3. C

    can a VE SS be fitted withe a genuine holden Roof mount DVD player??

    hey i need help, i have a ve ss z series sports wagon, and i want to install the genuine holden roof mount dvd player. but before i get one from the wreckers (because holden don't make them any more) i wanted to make sure it would fit. i asked around but everyone gave me a different answers...
  4. B

    VY Headlights

    I recently brought some VY Headlights off ebay and am in the middle of installing them. The problem is the new ones i am trying to install wont fit the one small particular wiring connection. Do i just mod it or can i buy a new one to fit? Thanks
  5. J

    [VT-VX] Installing an aftermarket Head Unit

    Car - 2001 VXII Acclaim Task - To remove the factory head unit and replace it with a better aftermarket one. Reason - Because the standard head units in VT-VX's are bin worthy. Tools / Consumables needed an old coat hanger side cutters the following tools aren't needed if you buy an...
  6. BakeTheTank

    Installing Power Windows in rear seats of a 2004 VYII (Sedan)

    Hey Guys, first post on here so bare with me! Im looking to install power windows in the back of my car (there is already power and switches in the front) I know that I need the 'Wiring Looms' and a LHS & RHS back window electric regulator. I think I've seen the regulators for sale on some...
  7. D

    Installing VY S Foglights

    hey all i have a vy s with the holes in the bumper for the ss foglights but it just has the plastic "blanks" at the moment... i was wondering what you would need other than the foglights, a relay and a new switch to install them and how hard this would be??
  8. C

    Installing LEDs into Commodore 1996 VS

    I want to intall LED strips in either the front door storage areas or the front footwells, I kind of want to do the first as everyone puts them in their footwells. Just wondering though is there a interior light wire on the doors I can tap into, because I dont want to have to run a wire from the...