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instrument cluster

  1. J

    VE Commodore flickering light in instrument cluster

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had this issue, rpm gauge light flickers, the rest of the dash lights work fine. Not sure if it is the globe or something more. If it was the globe it wouldn't work at all i would imagine? I will try upload the video i took. Thanks for any info, appreciated!
  2. R08813


    Hi everyone, if my instrument cluster was not plugged in , would that have any effect on the engine running ?
  3. VXPL

    VY Instrument Cluster Pinout/Wiring Diagram

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a VY instrument cluster? I've been a long time reader of the forum and have searched everywhere but I have been unable to find anything, what I have been able to find is a VX and VZ instrument cluster pin-out are they similar? is the colour coding of the...
  4. T

    ve ute sv6 series ii dash cluster change

    i need to change my sv6 series ii instrument cluster, if i was to put in a SS series ii instrument Cluster would i need to do any configurations etc? or would it be just plug and play?? cheers
  5. S

    VC Commodore sports cluster issues...

    I bought a sports cluster for my commodore L model and the wires to make the rev counter work are not there. The temp gauge, volt gauge, speedo, and fuel gauge work. Does anyone know how to get the rev counter work? Is there more wires or should it just work?
  6. J

    Instrument Cluster haywire

    Hi there, I have just installed a sub and amp into my ute, which all works fine! However, since doing this, my instrument cluster now doesn't work, the speed, revs, temp and fuel all don't work and the indicators on the cluster flash rapidly and the computer just displays my service...
  7. aussie4life11

    [WA] WTB: level 3 Instrument cluster

    ITEM: Level 3 instrument cluster, wiring harness and trip computer control box to suit 94 VR V6 auto series 2 acclaim LOCATION: Mid-west, Western Australia CONDITION: Used PRICE: $100. maybe a little more but as im unemployed its a bit hard lol DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay...
  8. P

    Fried instrument cluster

    Hi all, My son (a first year electronics apprentice) thought it would a fantastic surprise to mod my instrument cluster (colored led's) while i was away at work.... he bought a kit off ebay and proceeded to pull my pride and joy apart. Problem is, when he had finished installing all the new...
  9. V

    VP odometer not turning

    hey everyone, how ya goin? i'm new to the forum, and had a little look around for an existing thread but i couldn't find one. Problem is that my VP's odometer is not functioning, and i wanted to see what you guys thought would be the most economical and/or simple way to fix this problem. whether...
  10. iaydemir

    [VIC] VH SLE instrument cluster

    ITEM: VH SLE instrument cluster LOCATION: Victoria, northern suburbs CONDITION: Used PRICE: 100 firm DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up, or can be posted at buyers cost PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, direct deposit CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: VH SLE instrument cluster...
  11. R

    Instrument Cluster Removal

    How simple is it to remove the instrument cluster to replace the decal?
  12. Exidor

    White Cluster dials

    G'day,:thumbsup: Does anybody know if this Ebay item for a VY would fit on a VZ? WHITE DIAL Holden Commodore VY tacho gauge speedo - eBay Accessories, Interior, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 23-May-09 19:18:39 AEST)
  13. M

    [VR-VS] How to fix speedo VS Commodore

    There have been many posts regarding Commodore speedos not working. Most of the advice tends to direct owners to either check their 'speed sensors', replace little internal cogs in their speedos or replace the cluster. Having bought a cheap secondhand VS I was faced with the problem of no...