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  1. N

    Need help with VY Executive Instrument Cluster.

    So, long story short... I attempted the dash light mod on the cluster, changing out the green LEDs for blue ones. I managed to pull this off successfully, with the exception of the cluster resetting all its programming. Everything was working fine last night, but I've gone to drive off this...
  2. A

    VF Instrument Cluster Reprogram

    Hey All; I know of a guy down in Victoria that can reprogram the VF cluster. Ie: SSV into SS. But does anyone know of someone that can do it in NSW...?
  3. V

    Strange Instrument Cluster Issue

    Hi All I am having a strange issue on my 2005 VZ, while driving the car normally, the analog meters(Speedo, RPM, Temp, Fuel) in the instrument cluster go off (fall to the "no-reading" position) and the AIRCON goes off too, but the engine keeps running as usual, even with the cruise control...
  4. derjizm

    EOI: Custom VL Clusters [POLL]

    Hi all, not sure how many VL users use this site compared to others, but I'll post this here for now. I'm looking at possibly customising VL instrument clusters by adding a small LCD Screen with battery voltage, speed, trip meter and odometer. I'm still working on it, but If I can get it...
  5. I

    Vx cluster issue, need help

    Hey guys, parts of my cluster have stopped working, ive taken out the cluster and identified a broken copper trace on the board. just a question how to i take it apart? ive removed the needles, the face and theres some torx screws that ive removed. i cant figure out how to separate the back...
  6. tezza

    [NSW] VS Level 3 cluster

    ITEM: Level 3 instrument cluster LOCATION: Sydney, NSW CONDITION: Used PRICE: $65 or best offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup in Sydney or can post for a cost PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pickup or Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Ive got a spare level 3...
  7. old mate

    the music gear thread

    well seems as one member posted up an issue with his guitar amp, a fair bit of interest was sparked on this topic, so i thought it would be cool to start a thread on music gear and just anything to do with it. doesnt matter what you play, just get it out here. this thread can be used to show...
  8. Tw11ga

    VR Instrument lights out. all bulbs and fuses ok. Suggestions?

    Hi Guys, Was driving along the other night when a sound like a bulb popping came from the speedo etc and all the lights went out. was flying blind. When I got home i checked the fuse, was fine, so removed dash and pulled out cluster and checked every bulb, none blown. Any suggestions? I'll try...