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  1. Nitro_X

    Cold Air Intake and Insurance

    For those who have fitted an after market cold air intake, eg: the Orrsom OTR CAI Did this effect your insurance premiums? My insurance states that any modifications must be notified as they could effect any future claims. Did you have any issues with the transport department? (I'm in...
  2. generic_kezza

    Security System Star Rating???

    Does anyone know what star rating the security system in a vz ss ute would have? My insurance company has givin me a $7000 theft excess because they dont know. So any ideas?
  3. eXphoid

    3rd Party Insurance claim process

    If my car is insured as third party, and in the event of an accident where it is my fault; what is the process insurance companies go by to process a claim? Has anybody experienced this? How I see the situation is - I make the claim - They inspect the car I damaged - Pay out the cars...
  4. C

    VT commodore write-off & insurance value?

    Hi all, So, unfortunately my car was written off last week due to some idiot blowing a red and t-boning the car. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar model VT and knows what to expect as an insurance payout amount for the car. I understand that they go by market value of the car at...
  5. Vy S SC

    20inch rims Vy S pac

    Hi guys, im looking into putting some 20inch rims on my 2003 Vy Spac. I was wondering if they are a legal size and if they would void my insurance? I have the stock FE2 at the moment but i find theres sooo much space between the tyre and gaurd with the stock 17 inch rims. Would the 20inch rim...
  6. Bilbs

    Insurance payouts

    Ok, after some info from someone who may have been in this situation. My brother had his car parked out the fron of his house last wednesday, and his 2000 lancer got sideswiped by some lunitic who cant drive, luckily, he left his details, we have had the car assesed as a total loss, but what we...
  7. Wherry951

    Car Insurance - Need Help!

    Im 17 From Suncoast QLD and i just got my p's and a VS I live on my own now so i cant exactly afford insurance and i also know nothing about it, its all confusing to me. Do you need insurance to drive on the road? Ive heard u get CTP with ur rego. Is it worth risking the fact that u wont...
  8. Brittennn

    Insurance claims

    Hey all im Jake and im new to this forum. i was just wondering if anyone has had trouble making a claim due to mods on your VZ like tinting, rims and being lowered etc.? im looking to mod my car and am trying to do some research first. cheers guys.