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intake manifold

  1. S

    Intake mods Alloytec

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this, but I haven't been able to find one. Just bought a VZ Exec. wagon (175kw), and was wanting to up the power a bit. Unfortunatley, due to the missus being in her P's, I'm limited as to what I can do (have to keep it 130kw/t). One idea I've been playing...
  2. bns_vs_ute3885

    Intake manifold gasket

    G’day all, Posting an update and looking for a bit of advice. My vs ute has been running poorly and misfiring badly after having gotten hot roughly a week ago. Mechanic has had a quick look and says there’s radiator fluid in cylinders 1,3 and 5 (v6 ecotec 3.8). He’s not able to fix it til...
  3. Alcyone

    Coolant Leak Bellhousing - Rebuilt not started

    I had a look on the forums and found this problem but not where someone had just rebuilt the engine and put coolant in without starting. My first thought was the rear main seal, gasket or housing but then I read that it can also be from the intake manifold gasket. Had just put in approx 9L...
  4. monstar

    [LS3] Induction Variability - VLIM

    Simple answer is not enough room for simple cheap system, plus it's the power density that puts our 200kg 340kW donk in the all time legend league (not the old school mechanical nostalgia like people toss off to). TL;DR Variable Length Intake Manifold (VLIM) on LS is too bulky and all...
  5. nabed4t

    Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement

    G'day all, Just wondering if someone could please post a walk-through of how to replace the Intake Manifold Gasket on a '98 VT Commodore and what bits and pieces are needed (Brands too if you think one is better then the other) Also is flushing the rad required? I have youtubed a few vids...
  6. V

    [Ecotec] Forward facing throttle body setup WTB!!! Help!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a twin or single throttle plenium/intake manifold for my vy storm stroker but I'm having trouble finding any at all :/ I'm after one that looks like the edelbrock ls1 manifold... Can anyone shed some light on my search... Cheers PS no HATERS!
  7. N

    304 304 banana manifold carboned

    I just started stripping my 304 so I can send the block off to be cleaned and I have noticed that the intake runners on the banana have carboned up quite a bit. The carbon seems to get heavier as I get towards that back end of the manifold does anyone know what might cause this?
  8. G

    Question on Polishing inside of Plenum and Intake Manifold (Runners) on 3.8 Ecotec

    So I am planning to Polish the inside of my Plenum chamber and Intake manifold (Runners) on my 3.8L Ecotec engine. I am going to accomplish this with some wire wheel's (with extended shaft) and a rotary tool. My question is; when I go to do the inside of my runners, do I do the complete inside...
  9. V

    Custom Intake manifold VR V6

    Hey just wondering if anyone has an intake setup like this? Or knows of any kits available. Cheers.
  10. F

    Where to tee off for a vacuum gauge - Ecotec engine w/ gas

    I would've thought this question had been asked heaps of times, but forum and Google searches yield nothing. It's a series II VS, hence an ecotec, with a gas conversion. There's a bottle of "valve lube" (something to do with the lpg drying out valves i believe?) that has a drip system and has...