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  1. P

    Loud whine/whistle from intake at 10% throttle?

    Hello. On my VT (supercharged) there is quite a loud whine or whistling sound coming from the air intake. The sound is still present when I disconnect the tubing so I know it’s not coming from the filter. It starts off relatively quiet but gets very loud at 10-15% throttle, then starts to get...

    GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special $990

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone else has taken up the GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special offer? I have a VF2 SSVRL ute Auto & I got mine done yesterday... left the exhaust stock and just went for Ramjet 3 Intake and the tune... Certainly made a big difference to power right across the...
  3. M

    Vn s2 intake on a s1 motor

    Probably been ask before but has any one put a s2 intake on a s1 motor I haven’t had any luck on finding a s2 motor as I need one ASAP but I got a s1 motor there with the inlet taken off it will it fit ?
  4. M

    Remove inlet manifold or work under it?

    Coils, plugs, and inlet manifold gasket replacement...easier to to remove the whole intake manifold to do the work, or prop it up with blocks enough to get access? Time isn't really an issue, if it only has to be done once.
  5. monstar

    [LS3] Engine Fluid Dynamics (breathing better)

    I did some research and development re NA induction recently. FWIW below is an overview of induction mods ordered in a hierarchy of positive impact (daily driving across the board): Ported throttle Aux air dam Ported intake Tuned MAF tube Air straightener Radius bars (RamAir / rod mod) Variable...
  6. monstar

    [LS3] Induction Variability - VLIM

    Simple answer is not enough room for simple cheap system, plus it's the power density that puts our 200kg 340kW donk in the all time legend league (not the old school mechanical nostalgia like people toss off to). TL;DR Variable Length Intake Manifold (VLIM) on LS is too bulky and all...
  7. DEiiTY

    VX II 3.8L Ecotec LPG Overhaul (Backfire/Air Box/Smell)

    Before I start, I will admit I am a complete noob and have next to no idea what I am doing. That being said, I do have an electrical engineering degree and I've toyed around with car electronics before, so I do have a capacity to learn, but there are so so many people talking trash and saying...
  8. T

    MAF ducting size for supercharged vy

    Hey all, I will be installing a new air filter in my super6 vy soon, but its size is 4". I know that's bigger than the stock piping, so I will need to buy an adapter and adapt down to the stock piping. What I need to know is the size of the piping so I can get the right size adapter. Thanks...
  9. R

    304 355 Supercharger intake ideas

    Hi Peoples So i am building a VK with 355 supercharged motor and have some questions about intakes. The motor is built for boost, and i am using a Vortech V1-T trim. (work in progress) I am will run a 7" crank pulley and 3" charger pulley so it will be maxing out the impeller speed at max...
  10. R

    355 Supercharger intake ideas

    Hi Fellas Long time reader so i thought i would get in on the action. I am building a VK group 3 replica, and i have a 355 stroker build to boost to go in it. I am running a vortech V1-T trim with a front mount intercooler. What i am stuck with is intake design. There are lots of threads...
  11. H

    Cold Air Intake, is it viable to make your own?

    Im no mechanic, but looking at some of the off the shelf products already available, they seem to be just a few pieces of pipe and a pod filter on the end. These usually go for $250+ which isn't out of the budget, but it's also at that limit where I think to myself "Well I could build one for...
  12. klavins

    Cheap OTR intake

    Seen a few cheap OTR cold air intakes on eBay. Has anyone tried these and are they any good? They're around half the price of Orssom and VCM, etc. Example: Holden VE OTR Intake SV6 V6 Commodore VE V6 Performance AIR Intake System | eBay
  13. klavins

    [VIC] WTB: VE Series 1 V6 OTR CAI

    DESCRIPTION: Want to Buy ITEM: OTR CAI for my Series 1 V6 VE Commodore LOCATION: Mount Waverley, VIC 3149 CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pay postage or pick up (pick up preferred) PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, bank transfer, or PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: text me on...
  14. Jaz11

    [QLD] VE Ute Sailplane, Stock Air Intake, 2x Atturo AZ800 tyre's. 245/30r22 (All Used)

    ITEMS: Stock Sailplane off a 2010 Sv6 in "Red Hot" colour, No scratches/good condition, Stock air intake and filter, 2x Atturo AZ800 tyre's. 245/30r22 size with 70% tread, Tyres only. LOCATION: Hervey Bay,QLD, 4655, (Can Deliver) CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make offers as id rather someone...
  15. Jaz11

    Growler Cold Air Intake Question

    Hi all. I'll keep it short I drive a 2010 Sidi sv6 ute, after searching the forums why do some people hate on the ss inductions growler CAI? What's wrong with them? Surely it's better than stock? Is there anything better (that doesn't require tuning)? I'll be honest, don't care too much...
  16. theking

    Rough idle after Vararam installation

    Hi guys, hope everyone is enjoying their vacation. I bought my car, and as always, I went ahead and cleaned body throttle. I noticed that the [ gallons/liter ] has fell down from being 2.5-3 at idle to being 1.5-2 also at idle. --> This is the small screen readings I'm talking about, I'm no...
  17. Jaz11

    Exhaust Note and Cold Air Intake

    Hi all, Wanting some friendly advice, My car is a 2010 SV6 SIDI Ute and has a 2.5" Full exhaust with extractors and 4" tips and while it has a nice note when "giving it some" i was wondering if you have any tips to improve this even more and maybe give it a louder idle sound as when im parked it...
  18. R

    VZ Alloytec Factory Inlet - Resonance?

    Adventra; Alloytec 190. I'm in the process of some minor upgrades; I've installed the Growler CAI, and it's sweet. I have ordered a replacement inlet tube - a simple aluminium one, but now I have second thoughts. The factory tube has 2 resonance extensions. I thought they were just for...
  19. adam sv6

    [VIC] WTB: Stock VE Sv6/Omega air intake

    DESCRIPTION: Want to buy a stock sv6 air intake. the SS variants dont fit so dont bothering offering them... ITEM: Stock omega/sv6 air box LOCATION: Victoria. Taylors Lakes 3038. CONDITION: Good working order, new or used. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Arrange to pickup in and...
  20. Braydenreid

    [ACT] LS1 Otr air intake

    ITEM: LS1 OTR Air intake mafles LOCATION: act CONDITION: Used PRICE: $350 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up only, possibly deliver myself to some locations PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected], pm, 0427 967 670 (txt Only) OTHER...
  21. 9

    job done: intake manifold gaskets

    hey guys, just changed the intake manifold gaskets on my 3.8ltr V6 ecotech and thought I'd share some pictures. Car has done close to 290.000km and is a 99 VT Series II. Going by the date imprinted on the old gaskets and the state they are in, this might actually be the first time this job was...
  22. C

    fog ballast air intake ?

    Hey guys, I installed a sv6 bumper and have not put in the fog lights because it seemed to be a bit pointless with ADR rules. I saw a comment in a thread about a guy with a clubsport ? who put a pod filtre in one of his fog light bezels when he went to the drags. Sounds in theory like a...
  23. Petrievl

    Buick Plastic 3.8 Manifold Ideas?

    hey everyone, just thoughts over the last few weeks, putting a plastic manifold on an ecotec 3.8 from the buick regals, bonnevilles etc.. ovbiously loom, plugs etc. would have to be modified but im going to give it a shot in the next few weeks on a sparey ecotec. any ideas, know of...
  24. WarShrike

    [Other] WTB: VS-Vy Ecotec NA V6 intake manifold

    I'm wanting to buy the whole upper and lower intake manifold assembly with the fuel rail, hoses, etc. I don't need the injectors though as I'll be running 60lb/hrs with the setup. LOCATION: I'm in Texas here in the US. CONDITION: new or used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Need to...
  25. 1

    Performance Increase

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and new to Holdens. I own a stock 2005 Holden Commodore SV6 S/Auto. I have seen so many mods and such about improving performance and it has all become pretty confusing. I would like to know how to improve performance (no super or turbo chargers) and fuel...
  26. J

    Intake, Pod? bigger throttle body?

    hey guys, ive heard both good and bad things about the pod and throttle body mods, but i want to know is it actually worth while, and if so which one would be more beneficial, or would both be? car is a ecotec V6 sedan, with 2 1/2 inch catback, thinking of taking out the rear...
  27. BigBoss

    High flow intake on a v6?

    Hey all, What do you think of the "high flow" air intakes? Holden Commodore VE K&N High Flow Air Filter V6 V8 HSV | eBay
  28. S

    exhaust 2.5" or 2.25" ?????

    hey everyone, i drive a VY S II and im wanting to do a full exhaust upgrade eventualy. i want to replace headers, pipes and muffler. was just asking if i should be getting a 2.5" system (most people see to go for this) or a 2.25" system?? i wont be doing to many mods to the engine, just intake...
  29. V

    Can i use the WH grange intake?

    Hi my dads WH grange (which i love) came from the dealer ship tuned and modded but with all the stock bits with it. The point is that he says he had a CAI stock for grange that was replaced with a loud mouth intake and wondered if i could use that as opposed to buying a new one for my stock...
  30. ANL53X

    Removal if the intake duct?

    Hey everyone, i know there are a million things on here about custom intake mods. But while i was staring blankly into my engine bay, i thought about removing the intake duct (the goes front he on top the radiator to the bottom of the air box). I removed the two screws and took out the duct. it...
  31. JSTCOZ

    Saving fuel, ideas?

    (i have searched threads but nothing is really helping me out so far sorry, so i made this thread) Hey Guys! I have noticed fuel isn't going all too well and was wondering what i can do (besides driving style and where I'm driving) that will help the fuel consumption rate drop a bit? I...
  32. apoc585

    304 Intake Manifolds

    Wat intake manifolds are people using and how do they find them? wat would people recommend? Im almost finished my 355 to go into my vs maloo and this is the last piece. I have a banana manifold atm but have been told they are way too restrictive. Cheers in advance for all opinions and...
  33. D

    Just Installed CAI

    Hey Guys, --2004 VY V6 S-Pack-- I just installed my own version of a CAI. I Cost me $55 for all parts. I picked up a CAI flexible pipe from AutoOne at Waitara (NSW) and some cable ties. Basically i cut a hole right next to the stock intake hole in the airbox and connected up the flexi...
  34. V

    VR V6 intake manifold

    Hey guys, i was reading on a forum site that a company was considering building new intake manifolds for VR 3800 V6s with the throttle body on the front, so we can run OTR CAI's.. im VERY interested in purchasing one. Anyone know if or where i can get one?!
  35. A


    just experimenting with the air intake on a vy commodore. would this setup work to my advantage? ive seen this on another car before. ive cut the bottom of the snorkel to let air in through the grill and into the air intake rather than trying to cram it all under the closed hood.
  36. apoc585

    useless CAI?

    Ok, i know this may sounds stupid, but ive been thinkin about my CAI for a while now and cant see how it would work to my advantage watsoever... I have a VS Maloo that is stock, with the standard HSV OTR CAI down to the air box and into the engine... now my problem:bang:... with the Maloo front...
  37. A

    AIR INTAKE MOD COMPLETE - Better than 2-hole mod?

    ladz i have been playing around with my intake today and this is what ive come up with. an aluminium pipe leading from my air box to the ground in order to take in as much cold air as possible I, like a lot of other people dont believe in the 2 hole mod for various reasons. As for...
  38. A

    air box mods-please respond to my question

    i am curious about the air box mods people are doing i.e. 2 hole mod and whatnot :) why do people run 2 tubes from the air box to the back of the headlight? i dont understand how cold air is supposed to reach that area and why dont people just run a hose from the original hole(where the...