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  1. anf355

    Late model interceptors on Early Commodores

    Hi there, Fresh on the forums, been out of the car scene for a while. This might seem like a ridiculous question. So im looking at purchasing a set of stock interceptor wheels with tyres, ive noticed a lot of VT-VZ wheels, will I have any offset issues fitting later model wheels of this era...
  2. darrenvp23

    14" stock executive rims

    hey guys I was wondering if anyone has tryed something simular to whats pictured with the stock 14s that come on the executive ?
  3. C

    Haltech interceptor piggyback tuning

    Hey guys, I have recently bought a VYII SS Ute and found out the hard way that I am only getting just over 250klms to a tank of fuel. my ute only has a Haltech interceptor and an exhaust system. really not happy with the poor economy so I am trying to zero out the settings of the interceptor...
  4. makdaddz


    -MAKDADDZ VT- NAME: Marcus AGE: 17 MODEL: 1999 VT Holden Commodore Executive COLOUR: Tungston ENGINE TYPE: V6 petrol POWER: Standard EXHAUST: Stock GEARBOX: Stock DIFF: Stock BRAKES: Stock SUSPENSION: Ultra Low king springs all round, Munroe GT gas rear...