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  1. RiffRaffMama

    Radio interference NOT a ground loop

    I've just developed a radio frequency interference problem. Before everyone chimes in with "ground loop" it's not an alternator whine or anything like that. This is directly related to charging my phone through the cigarette lighter plug. When my phone is plugged in the radio experiences...
  2. C

    ve amp install interferencehelp!

    ive just finished my amp install using a pioneer 4 channel amp pioneer 12 inch sub and 6x9 speakers in the rear parcel shelf i switched on my my head unit and with a few tuning tweaks i was happy with the result until i turned the car on there is a horrid interference whine in the speakers...
  3. VK SL 3800

    VK Radio interference

    Hi, Have an annoying problem with my VK's radio getting a mild uneven crackling at idle and low revs, Doesn't matter if your on radio, CD or ipod it still does it but only with the engine running. Its not like your normal zzzzzzzz noise that changes with the revs but more of a clicking or chk...