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interior color

  1. M

    How to change Cluster colour

    Hi guys I have a 2008 Ve Ssv can someone please help me. I'm over the orange dash cluster and I want to change it to something different what are my options.
  2. L

    Vt Custom Interiors.

    Ok so the go is I have a Holden ute and I want a custom interior. It seems to have a very similar custom interior to the VT commodore. Where can I buy the custom colour panelling? Or does it have to be dye? I have found some stuff similar to mine ute with the custom colouring...
  3. HuskeyVR

    My vr berlina

    Hey there picked up a 94 berlina auto for $2,500 and so far its got a 2nd stage shift kit sports exhaust and chipped and K&N uni filter and i just put some 245/35R19's on it My plans are S-pack CIA, a bigger cam and maybe port polish, LSD, tint a car octane tint, putting in my bucket seats...
  4. R

    vs interior

    just wondering if anyone one has any sort of paint code or trim code for the dark grey inserts and dash facia in vr/vs commodores? Light grey is Trim code: 15I but cant seem to find code for the dark grey!