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interior conversion


    Interior pillar plastic removal

    I need to remove the front and rear plastic Pillars
  2. M

    How to change Cluster colour

    Hi guys I have a 2008 Ve Ssv can someone please help me. I'm over the orange dash cluster and I want to change it to something different what are my options.
  3. A

    VZ Interior Lighting

    Hey guys, Have been changing the interior lighting from a boring old green to a nice, lively blue and I really love the new look. I have changed everything - cluster, a/c controls, additional gauges, head unit, pwr button, trip buttons, window buttons, etc etc... ...but I can't for the...
  4. H

    VY Dash Cluster Compatibility

    Hi All, I have seen a few threads about changing over the dash cluster however I has a question about compatibility. If I put in a new triple window dash to replace my single window will it be a simple matter of getting the new one recalibrated or is new wiring involved? Also, would any VY...
  5. P

    Vy dash and cluster conversion to vt commodore, please help!!

    Ok, i have spent hours searching posts regarding the conversion of a complete vy dash, cluster, console, steering wheel to my vt commodore executive sedan but am getting different answers on basically all of them. I just want to know if i have everything needed to complete the task, i have...
  6. N

    Caprice interior inquiries ????

    hi im wanting to put a caprice interior in my acclaim im just wondering will i need the computer and wireloom for the interior and also will a standard centre console fit up to the caprice dash ??? please help
  7. H

    Begginner VP Commodore Owner Interior Help :)

    This is my 1st Post.. Im buying a 93 VP tomorrow and I dont like the interior.. If i wanted to replace things like door trims, dash, seats etc.. is there another holden model that would fit straight in? Did this model come with options like leather seats, velour etc? Cheers Guys
  8. B

    change interior lights blue in sv6

    hi holden peeps, im currently in brisbane and been searching for a dealer who could convert interior lights in my sv6, im bored with the green and i want to change it to blue. im having abit of trouble finding a auto electrician who can do this, does anyone in brisbane who knows a place, or...
  9. M

    VT interior in VR

    I was wondering if it is possible to completely replace all the seats and dash in my VR with that of a VT (or something similar).
  10. D

    VS Ute Upgrade- VT interior?

    Hello people lol im new to the forum so bear with me:D. I have a VS commodore ute 1998 model and im trying to upgrade the old dear a bit lol or rather a lot to give it that unique attribute:yeah:. Im trying to work out whether you can take all the dash, interior, computer system, seats ect out...