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interior light issues

  1. R

    VZ Interior Lighting Fuse

    G'day everyone, Bought my first Commodore last week, and am very pleased. One of the few things that didn't work on it was the entire interior lighting circuit. After checking a few bulbs, I opened the fuse box in the driver's footwell and found the interior illumination fuse to not be plugged...
  2. wilbur085

    WL Statesman - Interior Lights voltage both sides of globe

    Hi all, Long time browser - first time poster. I have achieved a great deal of fixes through this forum over the years, but have finally been stumped, so hopefully someone can give me some advice. Apologies if there is already a thread about this, but I have searched for ages and could not find...
  3. D

    Interior lights not working & a high pitched whine when i turn on the headlights??

    I have a 1999 vt commodore berlina, randomly the (after marker kenwood) radio stopped working. after investigating i checked the fuses and nothing was blown, i swapped the fuse in the head unit its self and it started working, however since then whenever i turn on the head lights, the interior...
  4. M

    Incorrect wiring for interior lights

    Hey guys Putting some LED's in to replace the current bulbs in my centre interior light hub for my 05 VZ Acclaim. Chucked them in, turned them on and they don't work. I spoke to the guy where I got the LED's from and he reckons a few models like the VY and VZ were incorrectly wired during...
  5. J

    Vz ute interior light not working properly

    I have a Vz S ute with an interior light that isnt working as it should. When the doors are shut the light can be turned on and switch also put on doors and it still works. when the doors are opened the light comes in as it should but when the door is then shut there is a clicking noise under...