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interior light

  1. J

    Interior lights help

    Need some help and info on how to fix my car, the interior lights don't work and every time I replace the fuse it blows straight away so I'm guessing there is a short or something but I don't know how to fix it, is there a way of fixing this and how do I do it? Thanks
  2. V

    interior light staying on!

    Hello sorry for it being urgent but i really don't want to have to jump start the car, now i do know that after a while that the interior light and green key barrel light turn's off but not after we got a new key cut and programed, basicly i should lock the doors and press the lock button on...
  3. J

    Interior light and green ignition light in my VR wont turn off when i lock the car

    Only just randomly started happening lastnight. Main interior light and the green light next to the ignition key hole are constantly on. No idea why it's started happening. It's only those 2 lights! :idea3:
  4. taylooor

    Interior light not working in VT, but glovebox light does so NOT fuse problem

    Hey guys, My interior light just stopped working all of a sudden in my VT. I've tried a few new globes but to no avail. The glovebox light still works so I know it isn't a blown fuse. Any ideas what the problem might be? Cheers
  5. taylooor

    Boot neon/blown fuse.

    Hey guys, was trying to hook up one of those neon lights in my boot yesterday. Got about half way through and couldn't for the life of me figure out why it wasn't working. Shortly after I realised i'd blown the fuse. I now have a couple of spares. The interior light is a 10, would it be too...
  6. Paul_grima

    Electrical problem???

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me why the high beam light on my cluster wont turn off even when the ignition is turned off. and also my interior light wont go off either...?? i have to take out the globe. I recently changed the cluster to a better one with a rev tacho. everything was fine...
  7. L

    SL/E Calais interior light WIRING ISSUE! Please Help.

    Could someone shed some light on my wiring quandary? I have an SL/E interior light with map lights and trying to hook it up into my SL VH Wagon. I have two wires coming out of the roof, one has 12V + the other seems to be negative - ... The light assembly is missing one terminal from the...
  8. J

    Changing head unit accessory power slightly

    Hey i want to do a slight rewiring so that i connect the accessory power for the head unit in parallel with the power for the interior light and the power it normaly gets when the key is turned so that my head unit therefore stero would be on whenever either the key is turned or the interior...