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  1. S

    Floor Mats - VL Berlina

    Hey guys. First post here - still trying to figure my way around the site. Just wondering whether anyone’s had any luck replacing the original floor mats in their VL? The previous owner must have thrown or lost them, and it’s abit hard to find someone willing to part with theirs. There are a...
  2. T

    VF interior in VX

    Hey guys. My VX Calais interior has seen better days and I’m looking to upgrade to VF HSV interior. I know the front seats I would need the VF rails and I’m happy to have the front seats fixed to my height and not be able to use the electronic components that’s fine with me. I’m not 100% sure on...
  3. T

    Custom hsv interior

    Hi Hi I've got some custom hsv interior to suit VC-VL and I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me how much it's worth or how much it would cost to have made, I'll try upload pics, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. F

    VT Commodore Interior Change

    I've been checking out these forums for a while now and thought that its about time i posted something. I've been in the process of changing interiors around and stuff and I think I've made some decent progress with a Vt Spac and thought i'd share. I've changed out the boring old pewter grey...
  5. H

    Restoring interior

    Hi guys, new to this site but I just got a VS Ute a couple of days ago, its generally in good condition apart from the upper corners of the door trim around the air vents and door handles. Any ideas on how to restore these? I don't really want to have to repaint the whole door as I'm not the...
  6. JACKO4590

    Interior painted - Show me what you have done

    Ok so I want to paint all of my dash and any plastic areas inside the car. I know what i am roughly going with colour choice but I want to know what others have done and what they look like. A lot of the order post don't have pictures anymore on the forums so I want to know how good is it...
  7. I

    VS Ute Central Locking

    Hey everyone, be warned I'm car illiterate :S So my question is when I push the button on my key for my 95 vs Ute my interior light comes on but no doors unlock. I'm sure I'd have central locking because I can't manually lock my driver side door without it being closed. Fuees are all fine...
  8. T

    Sticking new fabric from spotlight over old carpet?

    Was thinking of getting some nice, 1/2cm thickness tops fabric from spotlight and using adhesive to glue it on top of my old carpet since it looks really crumby and I want to re-do my cars interior (mainly repaint/polish the plastic trim because it's scuffed everywhere and looks like trash) Just...
  9. Feral007

    VY V6 Elec Issues...

    Gday Guys & Gals, I bought a vy v6 crewman couple of months back now, and im guessing it was played round with by the previous owner. i have fixed a few issues but there are still some i cant figure out. i know these cars have had fuel sender issues but mine is fine, the problem im facing is...
  10. N

    Misc. Light Questions

    I'm just about to change a few of the smaller lights on my VE Berlina Wagon (2009) from stock to LED lights and I have a few questions that a few hours of searching haven't been able to solve (apologies if I missed a thread with the answers) 1. What kind of bulb does the light in the wagon boot...
  11. Rixy26

    '94 VR interior dome light doesn't work

    When I first purchased my VR Berlina the interior dome lights worked, I then removed the headliner due to it sagging, so now I've re done the Liner, I need to fix my interior lights, I don't know what I've done, but during the process of taking the Liner out I think I've pulled the wires and...
  12. N

    VY SII Calais Trim in a VY SS

    Hey all! Hoping someone can help me out, I have a VY Series 1 SS Sedan with the leather interior, and that awful looking cream headlining and trim. I am hoping to swap the headlining and trim for the black lining and trim from a VY Series II Calais. Can the interior trim be swapped between an...
  13. B

    How do you remove small spring door under radio

    Hey guys just wondering how do i remove the small spring loaded door under the radio i am vinyl wrapping my interior trims and it looks out of place with that unwrapped. thanks
  14. W

    VY Ute Interior in VU

    Hey, I have seen countless posts on converting a VX/VU interior to look like a VY, but none have the exact answers I want: - what parts exactly do I need? - how much would it all cost roughly? - how easy is it to do? People have said you can't do it unless you have a donor VY and some...
  15. B

    SV6 VE Series II MY12 Modificications help

    Hey guys, first post here. So i'm buying a Red SV6 VE Series II, and wanted to do some interior modifications. Idea's I had in mind were: LED lights replaced to white LED Lights in the footwells or any other place Panel wrapping Any other interior modifications you can recommend that'll...
  16. A

    Fitting a radio to VF Calais

    Hi all does anyone have any advice for a novice please? I would like to fit a ham radio to my VF Calais but have no idea how to remove interior trims. The radio has a detachable head unit, speaker and microphone that needs to mounted up front of the cabin whilst the main body of the radio is...
  17. dashdown98

    Painting Speaker Pods?

    I had VS Commodore speaker pods installed into my VP recently. I tried to match up the colours as best I could but the blue interior of my car is a lot darker than the pods I installed. Is there somewhere I could get vinyl paint matched up to my darker blue? Or just paint them red like my roof...
  18. M

    Does anyone know?

    This is probably the silliest of all the questions, but I'm going to get my car wrapped a green colour and I'm also looking at changing the interior to leather and I was wondering, is it possible to get dark green leather seats and door trims somewhere, somehow? I'll probably end up putting...
  19. V

    Painting 5 speed vy gear knob silver

    Hey all probably been posted few times before can't find it but if anyone could post a link/how to etc, on painting a vy 5 speed manual gear knob satin/silver?.. How do you remove to gear knob, what paint to use stuff like that. cheers any help would be great
  20. L

    Vt Custom Interiors.

    Ok so the go is I have a Holden ute and I want a custom interior. It seems to have a very similar custom interior to the VT commodore. Where can I buy the custom colour panelling? Or does it have to be dye? I have found some stuff similar to mine ute with the custom colouring...
  21. S

    [VIC] For Sale: Genuine VE Series 1 SS-V Red Hot glove box, driver's IP panel, dash strips

    LOCATION: Victoria, North-western suburbs DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred. Delivery may be organised at buyers expense. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD (Alternate payments methods can be organised) CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Here is what the parts below look like installed...
  22. T

    VE Series 2 ambient lighting

    Just recently installed some ambient lighting on my series 2 omega, thought i would put up a picture and share the idea if anyone is interested in doing it themselves. They look pretty bright in the picture but, the lights are facing towards the dash and aren't too bright at all !
  23. A

    Interior light problems

    Ok so I have this very strange problem with the interior light of my 03 VY Calais. Today I was driving along and noticed that my interior light was on. All the doors were closed and the switch was set to "Doors". When I switch the switch to "off" nothing happened. The lights did not turn...
  24. Hancock5158

    [SA] Rooflining to suit vs ute

    ITEM: In need of a hood lining to suit my vs ute LOCATION: Adelaide, Hallett Cove CONDITION: New or used PRICE: Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: can pick up around Adelaide and surrounding areas, or negotiate postage from interstate PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, paypal, whatever...
  25. W

    What interior is interchangeable from VN onwards????

    Hi I'm just wanting to hear from people that have changed the interior on their vn's With like vr-vs-vt-vx ect was it or is it all bolt straight up mainly the front and back seats I want to change in my car, but I dot want to fork over 2-300 to buy front an back seats an find out I can't use...
  26. L

    Interior Painting

    Ok, I'm new to this website and to be honest I cant be bothered going through all the old threads about painting my VZ interior... I've pretty much already sussed out how to paint my interior, buffing, primer, wait a bit, next coat, blah blah. I'm really just chasing tips I guess. My VZ is blue...
  27. Holden vz

    vz exec with sv6 interior

    hi guys planning on buying a smashed sv6 and putting the interior on my vz exec including the steering wheel,speed cluster,door panels does anyone know if the speed cluster of the sv6 would plug in or do i have to modify it? cheers :hmmm::idea::bow::confused::unsure:
  28. jayden.2.2

    Interior lighting

    Hey Lads, Does anyone know if you can change the color of the lights on the power window master switches, the shifter light and the sportsmode/traction control lights? Perhaps by changing and LED or something? The areas i mean are circled in the photo below. Thanks in advance
  29. blackstig

    [SA] WTB VH VK or VL

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Wtb VH VK or VL LOCATION: SA, mid north DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will travel to Adelaide etc PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] OTHER INFO: VH VK or VL with a good interior, doesn't matter if it defected, rusted...
  30. J

    [QLD] WTB: VS sedan interior parts/panels and left headlight

    ITEM: Numerous VS Sedan parts LOCATION: Mackay, QLD CONDITION: New or Used, preferably in decent condition PRICE: No idea what they're worth, I'd say around $30 for the headlight and then there's numerous interior parts, $150 for all the interior, but if I'm way off the mark let me know...
  31. H

    recaro seats

    Hey guys, the missus is thinking of getting me recaro seats or the interior re-trimmed for christmas. Thinking of yellow/red stitching on black leather. maybe steering wheel parts in yellow or red. Anyway i was wondering if anyone has ever installed recaro seats and if there were any issues i...
  32. red_spider

    [WA] cv8 Monaro parts,stereo parts,filters,etc

    stripping the modifications off my car to sell it.parts listed are advertised elsewhere also so parts may be sold so please enquire ITEM: K&N panel filter suit vt-vz v6 LOCATION: perth,6108 CONDITION: Used PRICE: $60 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or can ship at buyers...
  33. st3r3otyp3

    [General] VT-VZ Cabin filter mod.

    As you may know pre VE commodores don`t come with cabin filters, cabin filters can be a great asset for asthma sufferers pollution worry wort's and the cleanliness of your interior as it traps dust, pollution and pollen before it get pulled into the HVAC system, they have been common place on...
  34. J

    Seat covers for VE Omega?

    I've got an Omega with cloth seats front and rear. I'm after opinions on the best seat covers to get. I've never owned sheepskin covers so I don't know what they're like. Are they over-rated?? I won't always be the cleanest person, getting in and out i.e. working in yard and doing trips...
  35. D

    [VIC] Wtb: Ve commodore/berlina/calais seats and/or door trims

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted To Buy ITEM: Door Trims or Seats or Both for a VE Commodore / Berlina / Calais / HSV LOCATION: Victoria CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to travel in Victoria PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Text me 0418346923 OTHER INFO...
  36. N

    My VK Commodore, 3.3L

    1984 VK Commodore 3.3L 6 Cylinder Auto Lowered springs 2.5 Inch Exhaust Fresh Paint Job Future -New or Reupholstered Seats in Cream colour, not sure what I can get my hands on for a good price, hoping for around the $400-800 mark if possible, unless I get my hands on anything cheaper...
  37. Longy188

    [NSW] FS: VZ Sv6 Interior

    ITEM: Full cloth interior out of my 2004 Impulse Blue VZ Sv6, includes both front seats, full rear seat and all 4 of the door trims, its grey/blueish in colour. it is in pretty good condition with only 1 small problem being that the map pocket on the passengers front seat has started to come off...
  38. VjamesY

    [NSW] VZ calais black leather Interior

    ITEM: Black leather Seats and 4 door trims out of a VZ calais LOCATION: NSW, Hills District CONDITION: Used PRICE: $1000 open to offers DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: The seats and door trims are in good condition, removed from a...
  39. rocknroll93

    First Post, A few questions..

    Hey all, first post here, and I have a few questions for you regarding my VP commodore. it's sedan, the 5ltr V6, series 1 I believe, but most of that is unimportant to my questions. the first question I have should be simple.. what is the stock exhaust diameter? I've done a fair bit of...
  40. S

    Custom centre console

    Hey guys, I'm looking at building a custom centre console for my VG ute, It's a column shift auto with VS buckets in place of the old bench seat.. What I'm going to do is swap the standard ute centre dash panel and stereo surround for the one out of a wagon so that the standard centre console...