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  1. Z31na

    Siri's no longer eyes free...

    Noticed since the last update to iPhones in August that Siri eyes free (the long press on the steering wheel talk button) has stopped working properly. Mine used to just light up the little voice box on the Mylink screen but now the Mylink thinks the phone is on a call which causes all sorts of...
  2. M

    Do you really have to turn the radio on to make a phone call or listen to the ipod?

    I don't quite get it. I got into the car, and as I pulled away I wanted to call someone. I'm pressing the "phone" button on my steering wheel. No go. I press the phone button near the main display, still no go. I then turn the radio on, listen to music for the next umpteen seconds while I try...
  3. decco

    VE Rear AUX to 3.5mm adaptor?

    I've been having trouble with my front aux socket for a while, and don't like having a cord running from my head unit to my iPhone, so I've been looking at getting some sort of adaptor so I can run a cable directly from my rear AUX input on the head unit (some strange connector that no car shops...
  4. L

    VY HandsFree Replacement

    Hey Guys, i have a VY S2 S-Pac and i am the second owner. the car has a nokia HFU-4 installed which is a quite old model i believe and i have an I-Phone 4 and was wondering if i could run a cord/lead from my I-Phone straight into the already installed HFU-4. If this is not possible just...
  5. J

    Vz acclaim iphone and other questions

    Hey fellas this is my first post! Ive browsed through this site to find some ideas about connecting an iphone to a vz single cd system. All ive seen so far is to manually create an aux port or use an fm transmitter. This video shows an ipod connected using the data connection YouTube...