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  1. J

    Vy/vz stereo with RCA+iPod interface.

    Hey every one. I have my wife's vy that I'm wanting to mod the stereo. Don't realy wanna spend $700 on the mods but don't want a crap looking stereo In the car. If wound some one with a head unit already modded with the RCA out and aux done by preddy for $70 I'm just wondering if any of u have...
  2. M

    Do you really have to turn the radio on to make a phone call or listen to the ipod?

    I don't quite get it. I got into the car, and as I pulled away I wanted to call someone. I'm pressing the "phone" button on my steering wheel. No go. I press the phone button near the main display, still no go. I then turn the radio on, listen to music for the next umpteen seconds while I try...
  3. decco

    VE Rear AUX to 3.5mm adaptor?

    I've been having trouble with my front aux socket for a while, and don't like having a cord running from my head unit to my iPhone, so I've been looking at getting some sort of adaptor so I can run a cable directly from my rear AUX input on the head unit (some strange connector that no car shops...
  4. Wiggy82

    Genuine VZ Blaupunkt head unit with bluetooth and iPod Connection.

    Is it possible to buy a genuine Blaupunkt head unit with Bluetooth and iPod connection for my VZ ? i have seen the DIY iPod connection guids but would rather have a genuine head unit with Bluetooth as i do not and will not ever have an iPod/phone (the iPod connection would be for when the hugs...
  5. Goz

    MY10 SV6 Ipod Connection

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has bought and installed one of these? HOLDEN COMMODORE VE AUDIO CABLE IPOD IPHONE - CHARGES - eBay Accessories, Cables, Audio, Video, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 24-May-10 10:19:51 AEST) If so how hard was it to install? I don't...
  6. G

    VZ calais Audio

    My last car, my Subaru was stolen and the insurance money should be coming through soon, and with all the cash ive been saving i should hopefully have enough money to jump behind the wheel of a VZ calais by the end of the month if the rite one comes along. but now to the audio questions. i...
  7. hwy747

    Alternatives to an iPod?? Suggestions please!!

    Hi guys!! I am anti iPod (please don't turn this thread into a forum to abuse me because of that :boxing:) and I want to get an MP3 player to hook up to the AUX port on the front of my upcomming VE sportwagon. It is a work car so obviously changing the head unit is NOT an option! What I am...
  8. GetToDaChopa

    Just bought a Microsoft Zune

    Here is something random. After hating the Zune for over 2 years i decided to get one. And i tell you what, it's awesome. I have the first gen 30g in black which does not have the stupid glossy front on it. So anyone else got a Zune? If not what media player do you use for your music and...
  9. J

    Vz acclaim iphone and other questions

    Hey fellas this is my first post! Ive browsed through this site to find some ideas about connecting an iphone to a vz single cd system. All ive seen so far is to manually create an aux port or use an fm transmitter. This video shows an ipod connected using the data connection YouTube...