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  1. T

    VY S LED Headlight Issues

    Hi all, I recently purchased some LED headlights for my VY. They have arrived and I have tried fitting them and have run into some issues. 1. The H1 high beam LED has 2 connectors opposed to the halogen only having 1 connector. I believe I may have to buy a wiring converter (2 female to 1...
  2. Kyoyu

    2006 VZ SV6 (190kW) - Loud Knocking From Engine

    Hey, first time posting on a forums, decided to resort to this because we're low on cash and a mechanic isn't something we're interested in running to right now. We've had this knocking car since purchase, turns out the kid who owned the car before us didn't know how to change the oil lol The...
  3. R

    Holden Rodeo Issue

    Whats up guys! so i own a 2007 RA Holden Rodeo, auto petrol. Every now and then, when im cruising at 60 and then jump up to 80, if i try to accelerate too hard and too quickly the check engine light comes off and it just idles super rough. while accelerating it feels sluggish and restricted like...
  4. N

    Loud backfire help

    If anyone has any ideas as to what the **** is going on with my car id really appreciate it. This cars just had problem after problem Ive got a vs ecotec manual ute, picked it up for $350 with no rego, clutch or fuel pressure. After i got it, i changed plugs, leads, injectors rail and regulator...
  5. W

    2002 WH Statesman Engine Noise - Video Included

    Recently bought the car and have been driving it like a slug, after a week it has started to develop a new engine noise and being a potato when it comes to anything more than basics I think its more appropriate to ask a community that may know what they are talking about. Some other notes: It...
  6. J

    4l60e no 1st and 4th gear

    So I recently did a gearbox change in my vx calias 5.7 and when Ive turned accessories on I heard a shorting out sound, all the fuses were fine so I didn't think anything of it. So I went to take the car for a drive and when I started the car t the check engine light came on and I noticed I...
  7. L

    W457 blew #5 piston

    Hi, I recently melted the L77 in my VF SSV, it has a walkinshaw 457 kit on it and #5 went lean, melted the piston, snapped a bit of the ring off and that was bouncing around in the chamber so the head is stuffed now too. I think I have about 3 options here: - best and most boring case I get...
  8. N

    Commodore VT ecotec Alternators keep dying.

    Hi guys I'm on my fourth alternator for my 98 VT ecotec in a year and it's failing on me again. They've all had issues with charging at too low a voltage (11.9V idle and around 12.9V at 2000rpm, then after a month or two even under load it is about 11.9V). So far I've all but the original have...
  9. C

    VT Wagon Fuel Issue

    Hey lads, I recently picked up a VT wagon I've been using for work which has a low fuel issue. So after filling the tank up full, I can only use about 60L before the car has issues starting and running if I'm on any sort of incline and/or parked in the gutter. Before I start investigating it...
  10. T

    Ve ssv air conditioner issue mystery

    Hi, I have a 06 Ve ssv with a really weird air conditioning issue, when I'm driving after around 15 mins the air conditioner stops cooling then it just does it a random times. Once You turn the climate control on then off it works again. I called a mobile auto electrician he said my system is...
  11. P

    factory car radio price

    Hi guys, i drive a sv6 ve holden. I got new speakers installed from jb hi fi about a month ago. And a two days ago my radio and air con controls stopped working, smoke was coming out of the aircon vents. I went to jb and thought they did a dodgy job of the installation of the speakers, they told...
  12. J

    commodore boiling over, not showing on temp gauge

    My Vt acclaim series 2 has recently just started boiling over on idle I'm pretty sure. It dumps a **** load of coolent onto the ground and steam comes up through the reservoir, Any advice for this ?? Cheers
  13. J

    Is this okay ... Or wheel spacers ?

    Below iv attached a picture of how my 19x8 enix hornets are sitting on my vt at the front. This is scaring me a little any advice ? There running 245/35/19 tyres
  14. R

    1999 VT Commodore Tranny Issue

    Hi All, I have an issue with my 1999 VT Acclaim 3.9L V6 295000 on the clock. The problem exists only after the tranny oil warms up and I lose O/D(4th) Gear and don't get it back until i turn the car off and start it again. Everything feels and sounds like it's working as it should apart from...
  15. adam sv6

    Steering wobble/positive camber/tire wear.... NOT ALIGGNMENT

    Please someone help me before i roll my car off a cliff... Without going into detail, its not the brakes or alignment or **** tyres. I have had all combinations of these and nothing makes a difference. Using a builders level its clear the tyre is positively cambered ands it causing wear on...
  16. C

    vz scraping noise

    Hey guys the car is an 04 vz 175kw The car seems to be making a scraping noise (not crunching grinding slapping) Im not by my car atm but the best way to describe it would be the metalic scraping noise a pod filter makes The car doesnt do it at idle only when accelerating around 1700+...
  17. D

    trans issue at same time engine flat spot over rev

    got a question as every mech says diff things need replacing 2 weeks ago driving my 99 vt wagon auto series 1 when i was stopped at lights took off just before second gear changed it reved a bit harder than usual then changed but did not do it again now it happens frequently but i plant...
  18. J

    Guard Rolling Issue

    I have ordered 20x10 rear wheels and my ve sv6 is lowered on king springs sssl all round... I have a strong feeling I'm going to need to not only stretch tyres to get them to fit, but roll my rear guards at least as well... The problem is... one of my rear guards has had repairs done and...
  19. V

    gearbox hiting!! very annoying!

    Hello guy's, I hav a vs manual ute with a T5 gearbox and if you give it in first and second the gear stick and obviously gear box (but idk I'm only assuming because the gear stick is moving left) all move's to the left and then when you get off throttle hard (to quick shift) it smack's the ****...
  20. S

    Massive fuel issues, possibly caused by flat battery?

    Hey guys, I have an '00 WH statesman (5.7) that is having some massive issues... I had a flat battery last week after not driving it for a week or so, we had to jump start it two days in a row but now the battery seems absolutely fine. Ever since, the fuel economy has been pretty ordinary, but...
  21. I

    Transmission Problem! :(

    g'day fellas, something weird has being happening to my transmission over the last week. Anyway bought this car 6 months back and had a transmission service done, car has been running fine since, done approx 8000 - 9000 kms. Last weekend i was sitting at the lights and saw smoke coming out of...
  22. S

    clutch issue VE

    Hi, I have a clutch issue, throughout bearing or possibly both. I have read loads and loads of stuff on the net but everyone has their own opinion. I need help!!! The issue is that I have fitted 3 aftermarket clutches two of them were 11” kits to hold the extra power that I have added (not...
  23. Paul_grima

    Level 3 Cluster Issue (VT executive)

    Hey guys i've got an issue with my level 3 cluster. I have swapped my level 2 executive cluster with a level 3 cluster from a calais. Everything is working fine but when the car (ignition) is turned off, the kms arent displayed properly it says "serv" ("Service") in (middle window) and a...
  24. J

    wk caprice climate control issue

    with the climate control on in my wk caprice. with the fan on any setting and air on the main face vents ive found that sometimes the air will reroute to the windscreen. Ive also noticed it only happens when driving up a hill in top gear (auto). The issue usually clears once the car isnt...
  25. DriftVC

    Oil smell from gearbox.

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, so this will be my first post. I have an issue with my gearbox and wondering if anybody can help. I got a 5sp MX5 in the VL, and seem to be getting a rank oil smell coming into the car. There is no visible oil leak from the gbox which has got me thinking that...
  26. adam sv6

    radio static

    OK my 09 sv6 has reception issues on FM radio. It has a BMW Ariel which is small compared to the stock one so maybe that's the issue. Is it hard to run in an FM ampilifier or even better a digital radio reciever? Let me know your thoughts.
  27. trav27

    Vt commodore window/tail brake light issues

    Hi, i couldn't find a thread on this. And i just wanted to get some opinions on what the cause might be before i go to an auto electrician, just so i don't get ripped off. Anyway the brake lights all work fine when the park/headlights are turned off, but when they're turned on the window...
  28. J

    Vy ecotec Noise

    I have a slight ticking noise when i accelarate, any suggestions to what that might be?
  29. Bongo

    New battery had terminals reversed when installed Pls help

    OK whilst I was interstate wife had the VS 5ltr Statesman and the battery died, so father inlaw went and bought a new battery. No problem YET. BUT when he put it in he placed the Neg on pos and then place pos on neg for " a second until he realized it sparked unusually. NOW the car has gremlins...
  30. simoj

    front left wheen issue

    hi guys, i seem to have some play from left to right in my front left wheel. my front right seems okay. i have recently had all the bushes replace in the front z bars but it hasnt fixed it. i checked all the wheel nuts aswell and none of them are loose. what could my issue be? any help would be...
  31. JSTCOZ

    VT hurricane extractors installed, bad noise?

    Hey all, Just got extractors on the car, great new sound and the power is definately noticeable.(VT V6) $500 for hurricane extractors supplied and installed. One thing i noticed is there is more noise coming from the front of the car (sounds like air circulating), but also a bit like a...
  32. A

    1999 VT2 - Multiple Issues + Poor knowledge of cars

    Hi All, I've recently purchase a '99 VT2 commodore and after about 3 months have started having a host of issues with it. 1. Turning issue: when i am turning right (even more so when going through roundabouts) the steering feels delayed, and the steering wheel is harder to turn. On 2 seperate...