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  1. S

    Modifying a Commodore

    Currently own a VY commodore. Just wondering what peoples thoughts where on a Jap mod based modded VY Commodore?? Like, 1, Big exhaust, (cannon, straight through etc.) I've seen an adjustable exhaust system where you press a button and it opens up... bypasses the muffler or something (this...
  2. H

    RB26dett In Hr Holden

    Hey guys I'm looking at putting a RB26dett engine and gearbox into my 1967 HR Holden, just wondering on how i would go with the computers and wiring? I'm just gonna keep it simple and nothing show worthy. Any Jap crap guys around? haha.. thanks in advance. Regards H8 5 OH
  3. M

    Talk about rice!

    This post is probably in the wrong place, but what a disgrace this is 1996 HOLDEN COMMODORE SS VS Private Cars For Sale in QLD - carsales.com.au It is just sad.=( R.I.P commodore