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jl audio

  1. Burger43

    how to install front speakers in a VS Calais Series II

    hello everyone i have just finished installing my sub and my rear parcel shelf speakers, but i didn't quite know how to change my front speakers in the doors and the dash, if anybody could help me it would be much appreciated!!!!
  2. Burger43

    I was just wondering which is better Sony Xplod or Kicker or JL Audio.

    i was looking at buy subs for my car and i couldnt decide what i wanted or which was better. my choice is between Sony Xplod and Kicker and JL Audio.. heres what im looking at. Sony Xplod Sony 12" 1000 Watt Sub In Box - Subwoofer - JB Hi-Fi - Smashing Prices! Kicker Kicker 12" Sub...
  3. S

    help me! i know very little about car audio but really want to learn :)

    hey guys and girls, i am kitting out my VY S II with new sound :D i have just installed JL front splits and JL rear 2 ways all powered off a JL 5ch amp. the speakers run great but this is where my knowledge ends :( i have the 5th ch on my amp still to play with. its a sub output (mono) and can...
  4. vxwagon

    YouTube - The Adventures of Herman - Ep 1 - Subwoofers

    Hi there! Check out this video on YouTube. YouTube - Herman & the Subwoofer Let me know what you think :) We are bringing out more episodes soon.