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  1. 1

    5 x VE REAR K-frame questions...

    I have a 2010 VE HSV GTS with a stuffed rear K-Frame. so before I investigate some wreckers... and plan is to source a replacement and swap over the internals (ie: diff, disks, MRC etc..) Q1.. Is the HSV unit beefier than the std VE's K-frame? Q2.. Will a different year VE K-Frame fit the 2010...
  2. VK SL 3800

    VP rack into Vk issue

    Putting VP k-frame into Vk including VP rack, how do you connect the rack up? i have a VL p/s intermediate shaft but the rack end is splined and the VP end is square, anyone know how you get around this problem? Or im i off to the engineers to get a custom end made. Thanks