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  1. N

    Does Kenwood have a single cross compatible wiring harness (between kenwood headunits

    I'm looking at upgrading my kenwood head unit from a standard media receiver to another kenwood head unit with CD player, now I know this is probably a rookie question, but before I go out and spend a bit of cash I want to know if kenwood have a standard wiring harness that fits all of their...
  2. V

    vt_commodore system

    Hey guys Ive started on my vt commodores sound system already got Calais speakers through all the doors I'm just putting 2 cadence XS693 xenith's in very soon I've got a Kenwood DPX-U1520 wondering if a kicker 350 would be a good choice of sub???
  3. M

    Boss Capacitor

    Hi I have just finished installing the 1st phase of my audio upgrade ,that includes Kenwood DDX4038bt Polk 300watt splits Alpine type S 1000watt Sub Alpine Mpr600 (1320watt 4 ch amp) and when my system hits big bass ,i can see my headlights and the internal lights go dim for that...
  4. F

    Some questions I just cant find answers for...

    Ok so I've spent a few hours looking through the stickys and while they have helped greatly there is still a few things I don't understand... Background: I have a VX Exec (2000 model) with a Pioneer DEH-P5150UB which has seperate RCA out for Front, Rear and Subwoofer. I am...