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key buttons

  1. B

    Vy commodore key button issue

    Hi all. I am having a issue with my key buttons. I have changed the rubber button inserts and i have noticed that my key is not working properly. The buttons do work most of the time but some of the time they do not like they won’t unlock or lock the car or open the boot. If it does lock and not...
  2. B

    Door unlocking issues - cannot manually unlock door

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a VE commodore, and have no issues getting in and out of the vehicle using the buttons on the remote. When, however I go to unlock the door with the physical key, nothing happens. I can turn it clockwise and counterclockwise, however the actual lock on the door...
  3. M

    Will not start........ VX Berlina

    key in ignittion: nothing. no lights, not a thing. Came home from a holiday to the wife telling me the car wont start. First thing I did was try the 1200 amp battery pack n tried to jump the car. As soon as I turned the starter pack on the motor started to turn over. keys were in my...
  4. U

    Key / Immobiliser / Starting Issue.

    I seem to have a small conundrum. I've browsed various sites looking for an answer, but none have exactly the same problem, hence the new thread. I have an issue with the key button for my '02 VUII SS ute not unlocking my doors. The first time this happened was 2am Sunday 24/5/15, after...
  5. T

    Worn Out Remote Key Buttons

    Hi all, After reading a few posts earlier this year about replacing worn key buttons I bought a set on EBay for my VZ Commodore as the rubber buttons on mine had cracked and split (the missus fingernails I reckon). The replacement buttons were easy to fit and being more like silicone than...