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  1. K


    So I have lost my key to my VE and wanted to know what might be the best and cheapest way of getting a new one. Am I better of getting a new/second hand BCM and ignition barrel or going through holden to get the pin I require to have my new key computerised into my original one ? Thank you!
  2. S

    VY S2 Clubsport Deadlocked Key Battery Dead

    Hey Guy's, As title suggests my VY S2 Clubsport's battery in the key is dead and the car is dead locked. The car's battery isn't dead however I cannot get into the car. Have tried turning the key right hard even while lifting the handle and it's a no go as the key started to bend. Have also...
  3. Pauli1sv6

    No key at all for my VE

    Which is the best way to go around replacing hi VE Commodore key I have not won at all
  4. B

    Door unlocking issues - cannot manually unlock door

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a VE commodore, and have no issues getting in and out of the vehicle using the buttons on the remote. When, however I go to unlock the door with the physical key, nothing happens. I can turn it clockwise and counterclockwise, however the actual lock on the door...
  5. D

    Vt wont start/run with indicator fuse in...?

    So i did a shotty swap and ended up with this 1999 vt s2 v6 auto as part of deal. So all was well until i lost license and let it sit for a few months.. I replaced battery thinking it was the reason car was dead.. Then key decided to not unlock /lock and had issues with that so paid to have...
  6. I

    VS Ute Central Locking

    Hey everyone, be warned I'm car illiterate :S So my question is when I push the button on my key for my 95 vs Ute my interior light comes on but no doors unlock. I'm sure I'd have central locking because I can't manually lock my driver side door without it being closed. Fuees are all fine...
  7. Bennybee

    Vp wagon - can’t open boot

    Ok guys this is my first post, but not my first problem with this car, it’s done 500,000kms so im just happy she is still running :) never been any major issues (just lights blowing out or flat tyres, simple stuff) Manual vp wagon (I’m second owner bought from elderly man who had it for the...
  8. D

    Key battery missing when car was purchased, car won't start anymore.

    I've recently purchased a 99 VT equipe from my mother, who has upgraded, the key was already buggered and has been taken apart.. so it has no battery, which means no use of buttons, door lock entry etc.. but car would 99.9% of the time start second attempt at turning over. Now it cranks and...
  9. M

    06 VE Berlina immobiliser issue

    Hello people, Long time reader first time writer here apologies for any confusion.. A few months back I brought an 06 VE Berlina (not running) for $750 and thought BARGAIN .. The issues were that it had no battery and the engine was seized along with a few cosmetic issues like plastics inside...
  10. S

    Help with key fob

    Took battery out of my vx commodore and broke of the metal part that's soldering to the bottom of battery and circuit board. Left ignoring on for 6 hours and no immobiliser off. My vt worked but vx hasn't .don't bother with saying locksmith etc. I'm a backyard lol ain't have funds for new 1. Any...
  11. K

    Calais tailights and other

    Hey guys:) I was wondering if anyone new or could point me in the right direction of finding some either vz calais tailights or smoked altezza tailights as a pair?? Also where can I find fog lights with inserts and lights for a vz lumina?? And how do I program another key for the car?? Thanks in...
  12. M

    Lost key

    Looking after my son's C'dore wagon and have lost only key... he is overseas - what are my options to arrange a new key?
  13. V

    HSV Key Programming

    Hey guys I have a question regarding key programming for my VY Clubsport. Now the reason I'm asking the question is on the weekend I had lost my key out and have had no success in finding it as hasn't been handed in anywhere. I have had to go into Holden and key the key code & BCM key for my...
  14. B

    99 VT Immobiliser cutting in and not recognising key

    I have a 99 vt v6 commodore sedan and the other night the headlights stayed on after i turned the car off and went into work(which usually they turn off when you open drivers door) My car didnt start straight away but left it for 15 min to get a bit of charge up and it started straight away...
  15. N

    Problem With My Car, can you help?

    hiya i've got a holden commadore vs 97 and having problems with either the ignition/or the immobiliser, the car started and ran but it just cut out while driving and stopped, i pushed it back to my house and tried to start the car but nothing just sounded like it wanted to start but would'nt...
  16. W

    Car wont start... ECU or ??

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a VZ 2004 Commodore, I love the thing and it looks after me but im stuck in a bit of trouble right now. Last week i was driving the car home, pulled in to get something from the servo and when i came out, I noticed the key wouldnt turn at all, after about 30minutes...
  17. R

    central locking problem please help!

    hey guys and girls i have a vz sv6 and my central locking has been playing up lately, and lastnight i locked my keys in the car and had to break in first of the buttons on my key for unlock if i push it once for a second it will just unlock the front door if i hold it down it will unlock...
  18. T

    How to fix a broken VE Commodore flip key, make friends and influence people....

    Ok so after my last thread was ruined some idiotic and frankly rude posts, I thought I would just take a punt on eBay and see what happened. As there were no helpful threads on this one I thought I would write one. How to fix your key...Short story if the blade and transponder are working...
  19. J

    1990 VN Commodore Executive Immobiliser Help

    I Recently lost the keys and factory Immobiliser to my VN commodore. I Called a Holden Dealership to get the key code which then I went to the locksmiths and got a new key cut. I tried starting the car with that key but will not turn over and the red security light does not switch off. I can not...
  20. lifel355

    No keys for my hard lid.

    I have a vs ute. I bought the car from a guy who had no keys for the hard lid, so I was wondering what the best way to go about being able to lock my hard lid will be. Change the locks and get brand new keys? Is it possible to get a key that will fit mu existing locks? or get an entire...
  21. M

    Spare key pairing

    Hi, I've read through on here and have received some conflicting responses. I purchased a wm statesman which came with a flip key which works fine, however the non flip standard spare it came with doesn't start the car. The key has been cut fine however it hasn't been programmed into...
  22. P

    BCM and key stubb replacement alarm issue!!! aarrggghhh!!!

    hello very new VY ss LS1 owner here nice to meet you all, and thank you for your attention to the finer details that i do not know :) I have just brought a month ago a VY totally modified car from a large company that had the hp factory look AFTER THE BUILD:) god bless them however as it is...
  23. K

    Ignition/Starting Problem HELP!!

    Hey i cant find a post on this anywhere but i could use some help with this. I have a problem with starting my car, evertime i unlock my car with the central locking remote i have about 15 seconds to start my car, after the 15 seconds i turn the key and nothing happens, and i mean NOTHING, it...
  24. J

    vt start then stop / immobiliser issue? dead key? PLEASE HELP

    hi all ive read alot about this on as many forums as i can and ive tried it all so please i need some real help. this is what happened drove to the pub, locked the car. came out and key remote (3 button) does not open doors, so opened manually. turn ignition, car turns over and fires...
  25. L

    Re-Programming VT Commodore Key

    I have just re-programmed by VT Commodore (3 button) key following the battery going flat and button pads RS. You will need a working key and probably need to replace the head on this (which is probably due and still much cheaper that a new key). Here is how; 1. Buy new key head shells for...
  26. B

    PLEASE help ?? - BCM - solar sensor remote receiver problem i think

    Hi there, My keys remote buttons do not unlock / lock the car, however manually in the door the key unlocks and locks the car no worries, and the car runs fine. Ive had a locksmith try and program a new key head , however he couldnt program it to the BCM, so ive replaced the BCM and PCM...
  27. T

    Taking VS Key apart

    Yes old story but trying to get key apart to replace rubber buttons, please dont answer post if your reply will be no you need a new key because it isnt true and they can survive more than two hours without a battery and dont need reprograming.... I just want to know what glue they used to seal...
  28. C

    How to change the battery in the key remote?

    Hi I know this probably sounds stupid, but the battery has gone flat in my remote, which causes the alarm to turn on because it isn't being disarmed properly etc. I have had Falcons and Magnas in the past and it's just been a case of buying a battery for a few dollars at Big W, opening the...
  29. blindworld1

    new lock and keys

    Helllooo (: I was wondering, well I accidentally put my key in the hole and like turned it right yeah? and it like deadlocked and then I couldn't turn it back and was like OMG you know? Well anywayz I took like the whole lock out and also my ignition lock thingy like the one that you put...
  30. E

    Keys falling apart and/or water damaged

    Hi all and Happy New Year to you. I'm not having a good time with my VE keys (the normal ones, not the flip ones). The first key disintegrated in my hand after about a year of use and went everywhere. I reassembled it OK, but it soon did the same again several times and it never really worked...
  31. Maxxiz

    [VR-VS] Fix VR-VS Key (Pics)

    Firstly, don't come crying to me if you totally destroy your key and have to go buy a new one. I suggest having a spare if you are going to attempt this, however I don't, so thats why I had a go at fixing it. Secondly, The rumour that "The key will erase itself once opened and you will have...
  32. D

    BCM Locked??

    I bought a new keypad off ebay for my 99 vt calais and took it down to a mechanic who has a tech 2 to re-program the new key it took ages to process then he said it didnt work and that the BCM could be locked... has anyone else had a problem like this before or know how to fix it? thanks
  33. S

    Keyless central locking not working

    Hi I have just bought a 2003 VY Lumina and both keys are unable to perform keyless entry. Although a little tatty both keys still work fine manually unlocking the car and starting it. What are the chances that both keys are faulty or their batteries are dead...is their anyway I can test...
  34. V

    changing remote keypads over??

    on a vz,does the remote have to be programmed by holden or can the car learn it itself??
  35. Nato B

    VS Key Problem

    Hey im in the process of purchasing a VS Vacationer... Now the old owner has told me that the main set of keys will unclock/start the car perfectly.. whereas the spare set will only unlock the car.. wont actually start it? any ideas as to what the problem is so i can sort it out straight away...
  36. VRV6BT1

    installing power boot release.

    G'day, Just got a 1 button key off ebay with boot release button. Can I install the boot release mechanism into my car and have it work withour too much hassle. It appears the wiring is there, will I need a new bcm? Is this feasable? Cheers eh.
  37. D

    Keyless Entry Agian

    Allo All, I'm trying to work out if my keyless entry is not working because of the KEY or the car's reciever unit. The keyless entry stopped working a couple of yrs ago but I can still use the same key to start the car. Re Battery? Here's the question; Does the car key battery die in...