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keyless entry

  1. S

    VS commodore central locking/immobiliser problem

    I have the problem of not being able to start the car without having to wait 2 hours to bypass the immobiliser. The car somehow got deadlocked and a passer-by said to use the key in the door and force it. Which he did. Got the door open but only the drivers side door. The car would not start...
  2. C

    How to change the battery in the key remote?

    Hi I know this probably sounds stupid, but the battery has gone flat in my remote, which causes the alarm to turn on because it isn't being disarmed properly etc. I have had Falcons and Magnas in the past and it's just been a case of buying a battery for a few dollars at Big W, opening the...
  3. Nato B

    VS Key Problem

    Hey im in the process of purchasing a VS Vacationer... Now the old owner has told me that the main set of keys will unclock/start the car perfectly.. whereas the spare set will only unlock the car.. wont actually start it? any ideas as to what the problem is so i can sort it out straight away...
  4. D

    Keyless Entry Agian

    Allo All, I'm trying to work out if my keyless entry is not working because of the KEY or the car's reciever unit. The keyless entry stopped working a couple of yrs ago but I can still use the same key to start the car. Re Battery? Here's the question; Does the car key battery die in...