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    Sub Woofer for Ute

    Hi all I apologise in advance if this is posted in the wrong thread, but I’m basically just looking for some advice and opinions on a good sub for my new ute. I listen to a lot of metal and bass heavy music and was looking at getting a subwoofer but am getting mixed reviews on certain brands...
  2. B

    VF Wagon Power Amp Install

    My previous VF Calais wagon was written off after hail storm damage so I removed the Kicker ZX200.2 amp and Alpine speakers before they carted it off. My replacement Calais V VF wagon has no room under the passenger seat for the amp due to the seat electrics. The only place where it would fit is...
  3. lifel355

    Kicker Amp/Sub is broken.

    I brought a kicker amp/sub hideaway. It's basically a subwoofer with the amp and subwoofer in one package. I was listening to my music at a decent level (but not excessively loud which is why I'm so annoyed) and the cap on it fell off and rattled. Rendering the whole thing useless. Anytime I use...
  4. paulio14

    Polk audio, kicker or Rockford fosgate?

    Hey guys Am looking at either getting 12 or 15 inch sub in one of these 3 brands Am looking for other users opinions/reviews on the gear Cheers
  5. M

    MOZ-7 1997 VT Wagon

    Name: Michael Model: 1997 VT Excecutive Colour: White Bodykit: Stock Engine Type: ecotec v6 Engine Mods: none Exhaust: 2.5 inch lukeey catback Gearbox: Auto Brakes: Stock Suspension: SL All around (have ultras in but have to take them out because of rough roads on way to country footy)...
  6. J

    Kicker cvr blueprints?

    is it at all possible for anyone to get the 12" Kicker CVR measurements or blueprints? i need all the measurements from the magnet to the depth to the thickness of the mounting ring.... can anyone get this for me or make me one up? kinda like this one from pioneer... thanks a bunch guys
  7. V

    Kicker L7, Rockford D1 or Alpine Type X?

    G'day Guys, I am looking at putting some subs in my Berlina and I can't decide between Kicker L7s, Rockford D1s or Alpine Type Xs. Probably gonna get two 12", but I don't know what would be the best. I have been told to go for the Type Xs, but the L7s sound good and have heard that the D1s...
  8. Burger43

    I was just wondering which is better Sony Xplod or Kicker or JL Audio.

    i was looking at buy subs for my car and i couldnt decide what i wanted or which was better. my choice is between Sony Xplod and Kicker and JL Audio.. heres what im looking at. Sony Xplod Sony 12" 1000 Watt Sub In Box - Subwoofer - JB Hi-Fi - Smashing Prices! Kicker Kicker 12" Sub...
  9. DmanVT

    [VIC] Window Tint and 24" Decal question? :S

    Hey all i have a vt commodore and i am going to get it tinted in August (when i turn 18) Recently i ordered a 24" Kicker decal on ebay for the rear window, I was wondering what are the restrictions / Laws for decals on rear window. Also would i be better off to wait until the tint is...