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king springs lows

  1. D

    Lowering my 2010 VE wagon

    I recently had my 2010 Holden Commodore VE Sportswagon lowered with what I thought was going to be a good set up. However I'm not quite happy and I was wondering if anyone had some advice on how to better set it up. Current Set up: KHFL - 150SL King Spring Set (Front) KHRL - 152SSLHD King...
  2. M

    need help expert on king springs please?!?

    so i had put my car on KHRL-46 SL in the rear and sl at the front i wanted the back to go lower so i asked around for ssl i got sold springs with this code KHRL-46HD i put them in expecting them to go lower but they sit nearly identical should i ask the guy for my money back and did i get ripped...
  3. esca_ByDesign


    ITEM: i have king springs LOWS out of a VY By Design LOCATION: VIC, ringwood area CONDITION: Used PRICE: $100 o.n.o DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: can ship at your expense but would prefer pick up, will drop off small area away from my house if needed PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct...