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king springs

  1. Jack Kolar

    King Springs: SSL vs SSL HD

    Hey guys, I'm considering going king springs with shortened shocks for my VE, although I'm a little undecided as to which route to go, I'm tossing up between SSL and SSL HD. I very rarely have heavier loads in the boot & sometimes tow a small trailer so I want to make sure I'm not...
  2. S

    [NSW] VE / VF Front King Springs - Standard Height

    ITEM: Pair of front King Springs for VE / VF commodore, standard height, KHFS-150 These are made in Australia with lifetime warranty LOCATION: NSW - Bankstown Area CONDITION: Used PRICE: $100 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up Bass Hill PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pick-up, Direct...
  3. A

    VE front and rear spring seat insulators and sound proofing the inner guards

    Trying to find some lower spring seats for the front and rears struts is cooking my lid hard. Help a brother
  4. D

    Lowering my 2010 VE wagon

    I recently had my 2010 Holden Commodore VE Sportswagon lowered with what I thought was going to be a good set up. However I'm not quite happy and I was wondering if anyone had some advice on how to better set it up. Current Set up: KHFL - 150SL King Spring Set (Front) KHRL - 152SSLHD King...
  5. A

    2017 Chevy SS King Springs Magnetic Ride

    G'day All, I'm an Aussie living in Florida for the past 20 years. Sold my 2009 Pontiac G8 GT and purchased a 2017 Chevy SS. Silver Ice Metallic. License plate is 'AUS E'. Love it! I have been looking at lowering the car with some King Springs. On the SSForums.com website there's 47 pages of...
  6. D

    Sp4 on VF wagon

    I'm looking at buying sp4 for the rears and sssl for the front and I'm just wondering if any one else has done it, how it's sitting and if I'll have to change the shocks
  7. C

    Lowering my ute

    Hey guys just looking at lowering my VP ute. I know this is on the VR-VS thread but they are more common in Utes anyway. Just after photos of your guys Utes on different heights so I can decide between lows and super lows
  8. C

    ride heights and ground clearance

    hi all, Does anyone know the ground clearance / ride height of a vf ssv ute m6? For some reason 154mm rings a bell.
  9. A

    Change King Springs When Putting In New Shocks, Now Ride Is Higher?

    Hi Guys I had rear SL's in my vy and stock springs in the front. after buying a second hand complete set front and rears sl's I got monroe gt shocks installed too. The sl springs i had in the rear were changed to the new sl springs when the new shocks were installed. The rear is now sitting...
  10. J

    Anoooottthhheeeerrr LOWERING question.

    Can you guys please post a pic of the back end of the car with SL springs? As I have some pedders and mine sit a bit low, not sure if they are SL, or SSSL What is the most common and safe (legal-ish) way to have a car sitting on back, over the tyre by a bit? Thanks guys! :)
  11. J

    Question about lowering a VT commodore?

    Hey, I own a VT commodore, and just put some Pedders on front and back, dropped the car a fair bit. 100mm is available. My question is, I would like to go a bit higher, without taking out my springs, I just want it to sit nicely. I currently have 15" stockies on. What I want to know is, if I...
  12. G

    VX Front suspension knocking/ Clunking after lowering and New Sway Bar Links.

    Hey all, Recently I lowered the front of my car by about 45mm (rear 60mm) and also replaced the standard sway bar links with aftermarket 'S' shaped ones. After doing so I have realised a very loud and definite knock/ clunk every time I go over bumps. It almost sounds as if the suspension hangs...
  13. Brad SSV

    Lowered 07 SSV

    Okay so I'm wanting to lower my SSV on sssl's all round and then going for a 3" xforce exhaust but not sure if my car will still be legal height in Qld. I was told sssl's have me 20-30mm above legal height but nothing to tell me if xforce hangs lower than stock.
  14. Scheme

    Lowering My Commodore

    About 2 months ago I put super low rear king springs in my 1990 Vn wagon. I think they've settled by now as the car is noticeably a little lower than stock. I want to go lower and am thinking of going a set of springs lower. However I have a pair of MONROE GT GAS LOWERED REAR SHOCKS that i...
  15. G

    What height King Springs!?

    I am looking at replacing the FE2 suspenion on my VX SS but not sure what springs to use out of Super Lows or Ultra Lows King Springs? Can anyone please post pics of their cars with one of the 2...thanks!
  16. VjamesY

    [NSW] Quick Sale. (VY parts) King springs 'SL' front/rear, 2100kg tow bar, 4 doors

    Hoping to get rid of these items by the end of the week, prices are negotiable. LOCATION: Sydney (Hills Area) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: message me first on 0402843575 ITEM: VY King springs KHFL-47SL front springs & KHRL-46HD rear springs...
  17. taylooor

    I want to lower my VT but not to the point of it being illegal, HELP

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me a hand. Im looking to lower my VT commodore, but only as low as I can go without making it illegal if I get pulled up. Is there any type of springs that are designed for this? i.e. ultra, low kings etc or what? Any help would be...
  18. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Lower Springs in the rear on 20's ??

    Hey guys, I've got 20's on my VT and i know i have SL Kings in front and my mate told me he fitted SSL Ryder springs in the rear? (picture below) Few Q's: (1) Do you think the rear is as low as SSL Kings? (2) What springs will I need to to get the rear gaurd to be covering the...
  19. O

    King Spring Differences

    Just wondering if someone can tell me the difference in King Springs between KHFL-150SSL+ and KHFL-150SSLHD+. I understand what the SSL refers to, but can't find any information on what the HD means. Thanks
  20. J

    Exhaust hangs low and wanting super lows

    Just wondering if anyone has pacemaker extractors (part number: PH 5059 i think) on a v6 vy with king spring super lows KHFL-47SL (front) KHRL-46HD (rear) and has had any problems with clearance running 17" wheels? The extractors seem to drop down really low.
  21. tdirago

    King Springs SL Rear & Front OR just Rear?

    Buying the springs off ebay and getting a mate to install em, my dilemma howerver is: Is it worth paying the extra 100 for front springs as well? I like the idea of having the car on a slight angle however if it affects handling and fuel consumption of the car i will get all done. can i get...
  22. KeaganKaotic

    Project VN ... Help on mods!!?

    G'day guys, just picked up a cheap VN off a deceased estate for $750 which runs great! Going to be a project car. Here is a pic of my old VN, which I cut the springs in - (took off 3.5 coils): Illegal, dangerous and too low. So for this new one, I've gotten a deal my old mans friend who's...
  23. M

    Lowered VX S Pack Fe2 Suspension, Pics!!!

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a picture of there vx s pac that sits on super low king springs all round? Or even ultra low king springs in the rear? I'm trying to decide which to go for cause it makes it difficult with the stock FE2 suspension and knowing what it will look like! Any help...
  24. C

    Suspension combinations possible ?

    Hey guys Recently purchased a 2003 VY Calais and have begun to modify. VE SS 18' wheels are on and have now turned to suspension. A friend of mine is offering very cheap Lovells Superlow suspension for the rear and Super low King Springs for the front. I know their will be a minor...
  25. faBReGaS

    [VIC] WTS: my 2 rear king springs SSL for 2 rear king springs SL on VY. **SOLD**

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/Trade ITEM: I would like to swap my 2 rear King Springs Ultra Lows for a couple of Super Lows. They are off a VY SS and are in very good condition. LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria CONDITION: Used. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay for shipping costs if from...
  26. makdaddz


    -MAKDADDZ VT- NAME: Marcus AGE: 17 MODEL: 1999 VT Holden Commodore Executive COLOUR: Tungston ENGINE TYPE: V6 petrol POWER: Standard EXHAUST: Stock GEARBOX: Stock DIFF: Stock BRAKES: Stock SUSPENSION: Ultra Low king springs all round, Munroe GT gas rear...
  27. K

    Lowering VZ V6

    Hi, i am definately going to lower my VZ v6 exec but i was wondering what springs in the rear i should choose (SL or SSL). I have ordered King SL Springs for the front and want the car sitting level. I know there are many threads on this but my difference is that i have a LPG system installed...
  28. J

    ultra lows and super lows with stock wheels

    i know are a lot of lowering posts but havent been able to find anyone whos put ultra lows or even super low king springs with the stock 18" wheels.... can this be done or do i need to wait until i can get the 22 inch wheels im waiting on?? dont really want to try in case i have a car almost...
  29. H

    VE omega ( Untra low or Super Low)?

    i want the rear guard of my VE omega to sit level with my tyre. if i have 19" wheels what size springs do i need to achieve this? thanks for any help
  30. nathanVY

    [VIC] Shed cleanout! 5x wheels, lowered suspension, sway bar

    LOT 1: 4X VS Calais Alloys (with tyres) + 1 spare (VP SS i think) 2x Pirelli - 205/65r15 94h (70%) 2x Goodyear - 205/65r15 94v (60%) 1x Dunlop - 215/60r15 94v (30%) LOCATION: Geelong, VIC CONDITION: Used PRICE: $90 for the lot. Open to offers and swaps PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit...
  31. ads350

    King springs - ride qualilty

    Hey i'm thinking of lowering my ute, i don't use it for work and don't like how high it sits with the stock suspension... but i do like the ride quality and how it absorbs bumps etc what i was concerned about was if i lowered it with king springs.. will the ride quality become rough as...
  32. ANL53X

    VT/VX Ultra Low Springs. Few questions i have....

    I am going to lower my car soon and am undecided whether to go for ultra lows or super lows. I would go ultras in a heartbeat, but and curious is the rear guards would need to be rolled, how much it will scrape, and how effectively a 4 point camber kit is going to work at reducing the notorious...
  33. C

    car lowered vr exec

    I took my car down to a mates-mates workshop n got superlows put in my car. enjoy :)
  34. R

    VS ute lowering info

    Hey guys just wanting some advice on getting my VS ute lowered. Just bought a set of 19" wheels for it and would look so much nicer lowered. A friend said he could get me some king springs to fit it for around $250. Just wondering if it is safe to put these in without changing the shocks? Also...
  35. Disturbed_vegeta

    [QLD] FS: Non irs sl king springs and 4l60e shift kit

    ITEM: basicly just some king springs to suit vb-vs non irs front and rear super lows and a b&m shift kit to suit auto 4l60e which also comes with a boost valve and corvette servos LOCATION: brisbane qld CONDITION: springs are used but still good and shift kit is still new appart from the...