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  1. A

    Lowering VF on coil springs

    Hey guys just wondering would it be ok to get lowered springs on stock shocks? I only plan on getting sl all front and back. I read somewhere that they would be fine, but I wasn't convinced enough. Anyone have experience with this? Also. What is a suitable price to have springs installed...
  2. G

    Lowering Ve calais V

    Just wondering if SSSL fronts and SSL rears are too low they would get attention from the popo and if it would make the back look higher than the front. Btw car is a v6 I brought them off ebay and got them today. The ad said 'SL king springs'
  3. M

    need help expert on king springs please?!?

    so i had put my car on KHRL-46 SL in the rear and sl at the front i wanted the back to go lower so i asked around for ssl i got sold springs with this code KHRL-46HD i put them in expecting them to go lower but they sit nearly identical should i ask the guy for my money back and did i get ripped...
  4. B

    King Springs

    I'm keen on dumping my vs. Will definitely need new shocks so What are peoples thoughts on the monroe GT shocks and Ultra lows all round. anyone have a vs on sssl's i could check out?