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  1. Dom27

    [Alloytec] Classic 2 hole mod

    I own a VZ with an Alloytec 175. I would like to do the 2 hole mod to my air box, but i have a few questions surrounding it. Before you flame and tell me to search on the forums, i have... HEAPS :) what would be the best option out of: - 2 holes w/ stock air filter - 2 holes w/ k&n panel...
  2. 01VU2

    Another CAI question...

    Ok, firstly i apologise in advance for asking a question on this topic, i CAN use the search tool and i know theres squillions of threads on CAI's. HOWEVER im asking a pretty specific question and i cant seem to find the answer. SO, i have a vu series II ute and im servicing it and i was going...