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knock sensor

  1. Diniboi441

    Ve sc6 series II KNOCK SENSOR FAULTY

    Hello everyone I’m new to this I got a VE SV6 series II and recently got the check engine light came on and took the car to a local mechanic thinking I could reset the computer but it didn’t and came across I got knock sensor faulty on the scanner even he erased the warning it keeps coming back...
  2. N

    VZ SV6 Alloytech Bad pinking (preignition).

    On any incline or moderate acceleration from stop or tight corner, engine pinks really badly. Bearable on flat road , but shocking on a hill. It normally uses 91 Octane fuel.
  3. D

    Can a faulty knock sensor cause a miss

    Can a faulty knock sensor cause a miss? Say it were rusty and constantly threw the ecu out of whack? Thanks,
  4. Vulture Motorsport

    Your opinion is required - what are the most prone engine management parts to fail?

    Hey guys, We are doing some research and thought this would be a good place to start. What are some known engine management parts (small sensors) that are prone to failure across the Commodores range ie. TPS We are looking to introduce so more competitively priced aftermarket products to...
  5. Vulture Motorsport

    I need the OEM/Holden number for 3 knock sensors, for the VT LS1, VN 3.8L and VT 3.8L

    Hey guys, Please help if you can get me the OEM KNOCK SENSOR number for these vehicles: VT LS1 VN 3.8L/5.0L VT 3.8L I need to find Holden replacements for all. You can email me [email protected] or SMS 0401599023... Thanks