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knock sensors

  1. B

    Knock Sensors Coolant Change

    Hi all, i was just wonder how to get the knock Sensors off my car so I can completely drain my car of coolant, as I'm only getting roughly 3l each time I drain the radiator
  2. S

    o2 sensors vs v8 knock sensor

    hi there just wondering how many o2 sensors my vs v8 has it has pacemakers on it ive replaced one but cant find another 1 and where does the wire to your knock sensor come from
  3. D

    error code 43, knock sensors help

    starting a new thread think my old think my one died, http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vt-vx-holden-commodore-1997-2002/126195-how-read-error-codes.html so ive tested for error codes and im getting codes 31,43,92 im most concerned about the knock sensors 43, if any one could advise me as...