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knocking sound

  1. F

    Knocking sound VX L67

    After I did an oil change using a cheaper oil, car developed a bit of a timing chain type rattle sound when under load (like accelerating up hills) I wrongly assumed it was a stuffed cat converter after the coil failed twice. Long story short, I gave it a bit going up a huge hill then there was...
  2. R

    VT knock/rattle noise in drive

    Hey all I’ve dug deep within all the forums related to this issue couldn’t find any specific answers so thought to start a thread for any other owners with similar issues. It’s a 99 VT ecotec auto Ever since changing the trans fluid and filter the cars developed a really rough idle to the...
  3. H

    Lowered my VF

    Hey guys, I had my VF SII SV6 lowered with King Springs. Every time I go over a decent bump or hole I get a knocking noise mainly on the front left. The front right seems ok. Taken it back to the shop that changed the springs and they said they can’t find anything wrong....any ideas???? Cheers...
  4. S

    Vz ss 6L knocking

    Hey everyone, so I recently purchased an 06 vz ss thunder ute, it has a loud knock when cold and originally thought it could be the idler pulley, But after talking with a couple of people I'm starting to think it could be the oil pump, I haven't noticed the car using any oil etc but if this is...
  5. J


    Somebody please help! i went thru a massive puddle the other night and My vz svz wagon is making an awful knocking noise now when i take off and turn left, it subsidies at about 50kmh but when i got over a bump it continues for a second than goes away again but it always happens when i put my...
  6. Ben McCann

    VE Suspension Noise

    Hi all, Now I know there are several threads already on what I am about to describe however I am hoping that I can get to the bottom of whatever is making this noise. There's a link below showing the noise in its typical state (this wasn't a bumpy section of road either). It appears to...
  7. J

    knocking sound

    gday guys so i have a vy acclaim that has about 230k on the clock and its been getting a bit hot lately but not to the point of over heating it usually gets about 3 qtrs of the way before it cools down i found out the fan wasnt working probably and got that fixed but its still does it and ive...
  8. 0

    VY running rough and making noise.

    Hey guys i recently got extractors put on the car they were pacemaker 2 1/4 inch it also has a 2 1/2 inch lukey exhaust from the cat back when i picked her up i notice a weird buzzing and knocking noise so they lifted it back up and showed me where it was comming from it looked like the starter...
  9. M

    engine mount noise

    hii im new to just commodores i was wondering if anyone can help me out ive got a nose cumin from the front off my car seems to be under the bonnet its a vs clubsport 5.0l 96 model i took it for a run today turned outta my street and i heard this constant knocking sound from the front but when i...