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  1. H

    l67 back to L36

    hey guys hope everyone's well, as for my inquiry, this ones slightly of a different nature. I'm currently in the process of reversing a standard l67 swap in a VX, Long story short iv'e bought a short l36 engine and used the trans and torque converter off the super 6, retaining the l36 flywheel...
  2. S

    stock L36 top swap to L67 supercharger

    Hi all I have a 1997 vs commodore Ute 5 speed getrag just the stock ecotec now I have a vs sedan Calais auto that has m90 supercharger ( L67 ) now the block is fucked and body is a wreak,I am planning on doing a top swap from vs Calais to my Ute,what way would u all go about this I will be doing...
  3. DeathSammich

    L67 Injectors

    L67 running rough and just realised I had l36 Injectors in lol. What symptoms would this cause due to the fact it isn't tuned to use l36 Injectors? Would it explain struggling to start/not starting and running really rough with lack of throttle response? Thanks
  4. Alcyone

    Cam lobe exhaust lift high

    Does any of this matter as I have hydraulic roller lifters?... Checked the cam lobe lifts lifts from the top of the pushrods. Cam, lifters and pushrods are all factory still. Pretty good condition. Checking from the top of the pushrods, all the intake lobe measurements were okay (within 0.01mm...
  5. xDriiftPrincess

    Help! VS Calais acts like starving for fuel in first gear and Drive first gear!

    I have a Vs Calais, I have replaced everything in the fuel and ignition system, and it is still doin it! It is splattering like it is running out of fuel, even with a full tank! I do have a theory on what it could be but just want some opinions first! My temp gauge is out of order haha and I...
  6. T

    Project 12s Turbo VT V6

    Hi, thought id start a project thread about my VT V6 turbo project. The car is just a base model, auto, 250K kms and in rather average condition but hey it was cheap and a perfect car to use for an R&D mule. Not planning on going overboard spending big coin on brand name parts this will all be...
  7. WarShrike

    [Other] WTB: VS-Vy Ecotec NA V6 intake manifold

    I'm wanting to buy the whole upper and lower intake manifold assembly with the fuel rail, hoses, etc. I don't need the injectors though as I'll be running 60lb/hrs with the setup. LOCATION: I'm in Texas here in the US. CONDITION: new or used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Need to...
  8. motorbreth

    [Ecotec] My VX Calais S2 - Questions about mods and what not!

    Hi guys, I was thinking about doing an L67 conversion but I think that's out of the question for the time being as I'd like to see what I can do with my L36 and if I don't what I'm after I'll consider the L67 or maybe just fork out the cash for a nice 6L. I'm chasing around 200rwkw/270bhp so I...