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l98 issues

  1. Jakefromtopend

    Highway mods

    I am from the Northern Territory and have next to no experience with Petrol cars besides servicing My cars is a 2008 WM Caprice with a stock L98 with what I believe is aftermarket LPG setup installed but decommissioned. I’m looking for some advice and guidance on upgrades specific to highway...
  2. K

    Has any1 seen this sort of damage before?? Piston damage, bent pushrods, melted intake manifold

    So I went against my own golden rule & I let 'a mate' who said they knew what they were doing, work on my pride & joy BIGGEST mistake I ever made as you can see... Luckily I have a really good mate who actually is a good mate & is saving my butt right now. We've decided to go with a motor swap...
  3. Brayden Dewie

    Heavy engine repair or swap it out? L98

    Hey guys, I have a Series 2 VE L98, and since about 85 000km it has had what sounds like a slight lazy tapping on the drivers bank. After talking to some half intelligent people at the time, I was pretty confident the issue was with a valve stem seal, but I didn’t have the money to investigate...
  4. Benji1986

    HELP!! 06 VE calais l98 Bogging down under 2500rpm

    As the title says its bogging down under 2500rpm. It does pick up after 2500 but not as good as it could. over 4500 it really goes well. So when its bogging it is totally gutless untill i get it to kick back a gear. I also feel surging aswel. It has thrown a o2 sensor code B1 S2. On the live...