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  1. 5wheelguy

    Parking on the road VS naturestrip

    Hey guys & gals. This will be my 1st post to the forum. Such a lovely day, for once! Come on summer! Ok, so my main question to everyone - do you park on the street, or the naturestrip? Have you ever received a warning or a fine, for parking on the naturestrip? Has any underground...
  2. xCalliba

    National Petition to change the laws of Window Tinting!

    Hey guys, Just a quick thread to spread the word on a national petition started by the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand that is going around to change the laws on window tinting across Australia. You may have noticed a lot of new cars now that come standard with Privacy...
  3. F

    can cops book you at work?

    = 12 12 12 12 12 12
  4. Stressball

    Modification plates and approval?

    Hi all, I'm wondering what sort of modifications to a car would require a modification plate and approval to be carried out. I know things such as modifications to safety equipment, seat belts etc would need to be approved and have a plate fitted.. But when it comes to engine modification...
  5. Stressball

    QLD P Plate Mod Restrictions?

    Hi all, I'm curious as to exactly what is and is not allowed under the current Queensland P Plate restrictions when it comes to engine output and modifcation. According to the QLD Transport site...