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  1. B

    Trouble shooting.

    Hi all, Can anyone throw their thoughts in on what my problem may be. My VX has been giving me a lot of greif lately, between trouble starting it to ruff idle, to just driving like rubbish in general at the moment. I took her into the mechanic and they replaced the crank angle sensor (seemed to...
  2. DEiiTY

    VX II 3.8L Ecotec LPG Overhaul (Backfire/Air Box/Smell)

    Before I start, I will admit I am a complete noob and have next to no idea what I am doing. That being said, I do have an electrical engineering degree and I've toyed around with car electronics before, so I do have a capacity to learn, but there are so so many people talking trash and saying...
  3. K

    Car wont start..possible fuel pump

    i went away on boxing day and came back new years day..car was left undercover..but was between 35-40c everyday..tried to start my car..and it turns over just wont fire and start..its got over half a tank of fuel and says i have 420kms worth of fuel, if i leave it for two days it will start for...
  4. C

    VS Commodore Probs... Can anyone help?

    Hey, I've got a VS Commodore 1997 done 155000km, driven normally. It seems to be chewing fuel really bad and also the temp will keep going from 1/4 to 3/4 and slowly back to 1/4 then up again. When I got it I put $20 (normal) in and it did 100km, then $37 (prem) in and it did 90km, then $30...
  5. Paul_grima

    Where does this hose go???

    Hi everyone, im just wondering if anyone can tell me where this hose (in pics) is ment to goto? My VL is running ruff like its missing or something. in neutral it idles fine but reving it slightly and it almost conks out. ive checked all the basic things (plugs, leads, injectors etc) and that...
  6. R

    Ongoing Sparkplug Problems.. Now Sparkplugs are tinted orange....

    My VR Exec was recently idling real rough. I bought all new bosch leads and bosch spark plugs and fitted them. Car was running smooth for 2 months with no problems then again it started idling rough again, not as bad this time. Checked all plugs and leads once again, car ran smoothly for a month...
  7. Vy S SC

    10psi Pulley (Plugs, coils, leads, thermostat)

    Im getting the 10psi pulley upgrade on the weekend. :lock: I currently have standard NGK spark plugs, Standard leads (replaced 100kms ago) and stock coils and factory thermostat. The car has 160 000kms on the odometer. Will i need to upgrade any of the parts mentioned above when I...
  8. C

    V8 Wont start after Installing new Spark Plug Leads :(

    Hey, Just bought some new LPG Leads for my 5L today and installed them as they're suppose to be, now I cant get the car to turn over? It sounds like its trying to but just wont. I managed to get it to run once, but you could tell it was running very rough and as soon as I took my foot off...