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  1. D

    Oil Leaks SVZ?

    Hi, just checked under the car like I usually do every couple days, had oil stuck on this part under Neath the engine, it was just a drop and got rid of it seems to have gone, just wondering what it might be from?? It was leaking down from this part in picture below
  2. J

    Alloytec vacuum leak (cant locate)

    There is a vacuum leak or gushing of air sound coming from the right side of the engine just behind the power steering fluid reservoir and somewhere around the oil filter housing. Ive Checked over all the hoses and haven't been able to find anything. I was thinking it could be the manifold...
  3. C

    VY Hydraulic clutch line wont seal

    Hi guys, I changed my master cylinder on my clutch today for my VY V6 and since then it is leaking fluid out from the hydraulic clutch line. No matter how tight i do the bolt it continues to leak like a siv. Any suggestions?
  4. K

    Coolant leak below water pump at engine (?)

    Hey guys I have a holden commodore 92 v6 3.8 automatic unleaded wagon. I replaced the water pump, Thermostat and fan belt 2 days ago and now my coolant is leaking below the water pump but not from it. I don't know if that part is the engine or something else, here are some pictures...
  5. J

    Radiator issue VT executive s2

    So. I have a coolant leak somewhere in the system, the car goes through coolant fairly quick, all hoses have been replaced and radiator replaced a few years back, the car has 370,000 km on it Underneath my radiator cap there is a sort of blue and black coloured sludge that accumulates, (there’s...
  6. B

    VZ slight leak in radiator

    I have a slight leak in my radiator that only leaks when it is driven, so I'm gathering it's only a pin hole in the radiator that pushes coolant out with the pressure build up. It's not a large leak, only enough for it to slightly leak on the radiator, and smell once the car is switched off, I...
  7. B

    Buying Recommendation.

    G'day people of JustCommodores. I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 VZ Auto Executive Commodore, it is rather cheap and has some nice bodywork done to it. It is priced at $3500 (negotiable), and only has 97,000 kms. I was unable to determine the low price, and when questioned on the issues of...
  8. jamie tsagliotis

    Coolant leak

    Hey guys found a coolant leak just after what the part is called? Its to the left of the water pump and under the alternator with its hose connecting to the heat tap. Also would it be best to replace the part or just sealing it. Thanks heaps guys
  9. scbh81

    Oil Leak behind harmonic balancer

    Hi guys please see attached video of an oil leak after the front crank seal was replaced. Do you think the mechanic stuffed it up? It's pretty bad .There is always a puddle after a days driving. Is there anywhere else it can leak from?
  10. B

    VT Commodore floor fills with water.

    Every time it rained hard, I was getting water filling in the rear left floor. Checked all the seals and couldn’t find the problem until I dug a little deeper. Bottom of the door was so filled with leaves that water would fill so high that it would come out under the door card. Keep an eye on...
  11. J

    Coolant leak

    Could anyone help me out, took my 2008 v6 ve to a mechanic shop because I have a bad idle, they looked over it and told me that my engine mounts a rooted and need replacing, while looking they reckon they also found I have a coolant leak coming from the 'filler housing' I have no idea what a...
  12. J

    Coolant leak

    Could anyone help me out, took my 2008 v6 ve to a mechanic shop because I have a bad idle, they looked over it and told me that my engine mounts a rooted and need replacing, while looking they reckon they also found I have a coolant leak coming from the 'filler housing' I have no idea what a...
  13. mohamedelkady

    heater core leak, replace or disconnect?

    Please can you read my post here: https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/heater-core-leak-replace-or-disconnect.266209/ I just posted it in the VE section by mistake and cannot move it back to VZ, sorry.
  14. mohamedelkady

    Heater core leak, replace or disconnect?

    Hi, Today I noticed a water leak over my legs on the pedals, it was a red radiator water -of course- I found some water in front of the driver seat and the passenger seat either. I currently -still- don't have any engine heat problems and due to the red water I managed to decide it is a heater...
  15. B

    96 VS Radiator Advice

    Hey Guys, First time posting here and looking for some advice. Let me start off by saying that I am not the most advanced person when it comes to cars, but I'm always willing to try and fix things myself. So I have a VS ute that i recently drove from The Gold Coast to Melbourne and the car...
  16. S

    VT Commodore Leaking Coolant from sump plug

    I have an interesting one for you guys. 2000 VT commodore, 200k on the clock, started running rough once warm. Checked under filler cap, milky oil. Head gasket was my diagnosis. Pulled off the inlet manifold and the gaskets there were stuffed, however i already had a gasket kit and the...
  17. danielnitschke

    VX Water Leaking into Drivers Footwell!

    Hello All! What a wet end to the week. Go to get in today, low and behold the floor is soaked. With a grimace I get in, twist my head and see that all the wiring, BCM etc whatever else is under there is also soaked and dripping. The car still starts and works fine but whew it's stressing me...
  18. S

    VE SSV Air conditioning leak in boot

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a 06 VE SSV and I noticed The other day I noticed that there was a seam not seam sealed in the factory, so we went to seam seal it and noticed a puddle of water sitting in the gap below and thought it was a leak some where as there had been some recent wet...
  19. B

    Vx V6 Coolant Leak Help

    So my coolant is leaking from just below the alternator (3.8L ecotec) and I'm wondering if anyone has had this and knows how to fix it. I'm assuming it's coming from where those two heater hoses go into the left hand front side of the block from the heater tap. But are hidden behind the...
  20. P

    Common SIDI V6 oil leaks?

    Everyone under the sun knows about the old ecotec and rear main seal leaks. I haven't heard anything about the sidi engines whether 3.0 or 3.6? Reason I ask is, I have a 2010 Berlina sportswagon with 104k. Oil a nice colour, excellent service history, is due for a service now. No abnormal oil...
  21. M

    VR 94 transmission problem.

    Hey. so I bought this vr and the transmission was slipping very badly. I had to drive it home so about a 20 minute drive in. Then replaced the transmission with a second hand one i found for just $80 (i know they are usually worth around 300 and this is very cheap). I put it in myself. First...
  22. S

    08 Ve ute coolant leak but not from radiator

    Hey guy's, Just stumped after I hit a roo after it jumped out infront of me at 60km, all my coolant flush out on the spot. I've topped up the radiator to find the leak and now there is only a very very slow leak after maybe 5 days, now on further inspection I found the leak coming from around...
  23. Ddridan

    VY LS1 Coolant leak

    Hi guys, I've got a coolant leak coming from the what looks like behind the water pump. I've recently replaced all the gaskets and seals in the water pump and the gaskets where it connects to the block. Any recommendations? Would a pressure test shed some light or is that more for finding leaks...
  24. S

    VX SS 2001 rear main seal oil leak

    Hi guys, my VX SS March 2001 build has the dreaded rear main seal oil leak. i was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent mechanic in the eastern suburbs of melbourne who can fix it for me. thanks.
  25. C

    Oil leak vy s ??

    I don't know much about cars but I bought a 2003 series two vy spac three days ago after driving it home there was a drip from the coolent it will need to be replaced my radiator guy said, Next day I noticed an oil leak it's small but I'm still worried it's coming from a metal pipe connecting...
  26. F

    Reputable LSD DIFF specialist near Werribee 3024 (Melbourne)-standard VY SS2 with LSD

    Hi Guys, I got a VY SS series 2 with the LSD diff. My diff is leaking from in front of the pinion seal. under hard revs it sprays over the bottom of the chassis and onto the exhaust causing a burning smell. I've taken it to two mechanics for a look they both agree its not the pinion seal...
  27. speed__demond

    304 manifold change, high idle??

    okay so had a vac leak so I changed the manifold gaskets, car drives okay a little rough, but not too bad. ..but when in park or neutral it idles at about 1800, could this be from the manifold cleaner I sprayed out the tb with? or do I have another problem?? I was gunna see what it does...
  28. speed__demond

    304 manifold leak? 304

    hey all my car (vs 304, duel fuel) has a flat spot when accelerating harsh and runs rough when accelerating normaly, the idle also changes between 600-800 every 10 or so seconds. I tried the wd40 trick around the manifold/injectors and the idle did change, either dropping 100 or raising 100...
  29. P

    Couple of little issues with my VZ

    Hey lads, Recently bought a 2005 VZ S ute and have a few little issues with it. Leak - If I'm driving around and then return home to park in the garage, there is a leak coming from the center of the engine which leaks for about 30mins and then stops. It is only water and I'm guessing...
  30. TweePollution

    Likely Leak Spots?

    I thought my VS had a leaky rocker gasket seal as i saw oil dripping off it. I replaced that now but theres still a leak, i just turned the usual big puddle into a small puddle so at least i got one of the leaks. My question is? What are some common leak locations near the rear of the engine...
  31. J

    Missing bung likely source of soaking?

    Howdy. I'm rapt to have a project to toy with but hate the fact that my budget means I have to spend the start of the project fixing crap that should have been done by previous owners. I've just scraped out and chucked all the underlay in the boot because it's soaking wet and completely...
  32. S

    Radiator leak problems, foggy windscreen etc.

    Hey people, Got this vt series 1 commodore last year, goin great. About January I was driving along, then overheating etc radiator bone dry. Filled it up with just water, drive for about 2 months just fillin with water EVERYTIME it overheated. It sounded like boiling noises in the overflow...
  33. C

    VT Petrol Leak

    Hi I have a 2000 VT and am unable to stop a petrol leak. Whenever I drive the car further than 15kms petrol starts leaking out the pressure vent hose that comes from the chaircoal canister. I have tried replacing the fuel pump, changing the charcoal canister and have blown the fuel lines out. I...
  34. C

    VT Fuel Leak

    Just bought a VT and when I drive further than 15kms fuel leaks from the pressure vent hose. I've tried replacing the filter and the charcoal canister then flushed the fuel lines but it still leaks. I have connected the vent hose into the petrol tank to stop wasting as much fuel though it keeps...
  35. J

    Coolant Leak - Between engine and transmission?

    Hi all I have noticed about 100ml of coolant on the floor of my garage just recently. I have had a look under the car (VU utility) and it seems to be dripping from the back of the engine, where the transmission (auto) is attached. Just wondering if anyone would know what is causing the leak...
  36. K

    VS Lukey exhaust SQUEALS when under torque with full car.

    So, i baught a new Lukey cat back with rear muffler delete. I Put it on and then realized the shop forgot to send me a clamp, put it together anyway and sounds terriffic, no leaks even without the clamp. I can drive any way i want and it will be fine, but as soon as i have a full car and i...
  37. P

    VX Heating Issue

    Hi all, im a newbie here as of today however have been reading posts and forums for a little while especially since getting the issue I have now. Ok long winded story coming up now. I have a VX II wagon, I know stuff all about cars except this week, I have learnt sooooo much thanks to all...
  38. Gilly91

    Losing Clutch Fluid

    Hi, I was struggling to change gears recently and I discovered the clutch fluid was empty so I filled it, tried to get as many air bubbles out of it without bleeding it, and then it drove normally. It was fine for a few weeks, then I drove it again and one day and it had gone from working...
  39. 6

    Roof Water Leak - VE Commodore

    I have an SV6 Sedan which, when it sits in the rain for any amount of time and I open the drivers side door, leaks water in from what looks to be between the head-lining and weather strip at the top. I don't think it's coming in between the door and the roof - has anyone else had a similar...
  40. djdomohudson

    COOLANT system help needed

    I was going step by step with this article on flushing and refitting a new thermostat etc etc. But as I've just put it all back together this happened... :( The fluid is leaking out of here. I sort of knew it would because before I filled it, if I squeezed that tube there, it would bubble...