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  1. Lawrence Carlei

    VZ Commodore Interior Leaking Water

    Hello Commodorians, I am currently having issues with my Commodore, a few months ago I had a water leak in the passenger's side footwell. wasnt too bad, so I cleaned it up and replaced my windshield. Last weekend I was washing my car and I had about a 50mm Water Puddle in my passengers side...
  2. O

    Possibly a Water Pump issue VX

    Hi all, Looking to confirm - got home last night to find that the VX had a puddle of water dripping from under it. Not radiator or hoses. However, I saw that it was dripping from the front end underneath the serpentine belt off of the front end of the oil sump. Couldn't see any water...
  3. I

    Fixing leaking aircon - leak sealant

    Hi people, has anyone ever used or can recommend leaking aircon sealant like the one below or is it better to fix the actual cause of the leaking aircon? Brand NEW Super Sealtotal AC R Leak Stopper Free Shipping KIT971 | eBay Thanks people.
  4. C

    Major fuel leak!!!!!!!!!

    Hello all just needed a couple moments of your time to diagnose my fuel leakage.... When I turned my car off after a 30 Minuit drive I noticed fuel POURING from an overflow hose in my charcoal canister!!!!! What possible causes for this are there???? It is a 92 vp 5.0ltr ute on duel...
  5. I

    Transmission Problem! :(

    g'day fellas, something weird has being happening to my transmission over the last week. Anyway bought this car 6 months back and had a transmission service done, car has been running fine since, done approx 8000 - 9000 kms. Last weekend i was sitting at the lights and saw smoke coming out of...
  6. Gilly91

    Losing Clutch Fluid

    Hi, I was struggling to change gears recently and I discovered the clutch fluid was empty so I filled it, tried to get as many air bubbles out of it without bleeding it, and then it drove normally. It was fine for a few weeks, then I drove it again and one day and it had gone from working...
  7. A

    Advice neeeded :)

    Hi there, I'm usually pretty good with with mechanical things but im just not to sure about this one. I have a power steering leak coming from the HP hose, im thinking that the O rings have gone and thats the reason. Would i be best trying to replace them myself or just take it to...
  8. H

    VT V6 Fuel Injectors leaking from the top

    Fuel injectors keep leaking from the top! I had a rough idle and worked out that one of my injectors had a broken pintle cap on the bottom so was letting air out from the manifold. I decided to purchase a remanufactured set of fuel injectors. I pulled out the old injectors and put in the...
  9. miss_2002_VX


    ok so yesterday i had not drivin my car at all went out to my car yesterday as i was about to go out and realised water was leaking from the bottem now i am going to change the gasket but i dont know where it is coz its diff to fords (obviesly ) so if someone could help me it would be much help...
  10. 6

    Engine Smoking up + exhaust problems

    Hey i have heaps of smoke coming from the exhaust and also from the manifolds at the start and the car is sounding like crap and also this comes and goes and at the same point on my day drive it always stuffs up at the same point i have taken this car to several mechanics and it usually goes...
  11. C

    Work Needing Doing

    Hiya guys, Bit of an amateur with my new-secondhand 2002 vy. I just took it in for a 150k service, and was given a list of things which needed repair, or at least to the mechanic. What i would like is an opinion on the price or the ease which they can be fixed at home, by me with minimal...
  12. M

    Help! Coolant leaking from my vt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, I have a 2000 VT Commodre II... The when I came home the other day from being out I noticed that my car had been leaking coolant, It was still the nice and clean green color... But heres the weird thing its only done it a couple of times before... like once or twice a year (mostly on hot...
  13. P

    Brown sludge in coolant reservoir + coolant level dropping

    I am having to fill my coolant tank every two weeks and there is a brown sludge at the bottom of the reservoir. But I am not seeing any other major problems: i) The engine never over heats. ii) No smoke or steam from under the hood. iii) No bad sounds from the engine. What is the first...
  14. clemmy

    leaking coolant on decline

    got a vx wagon and i was parked on a steep decline (nose down a hill), prob 10 mins later got back and saw coolant snaking through the gutter..DEVOED!! just wondering if it was the overflow maybe? it looked like it was dripping straight off the bottom of the radiator but hasnt happened again...
  15. leelee

    VS leaking coolant...

    so i FINALLY had my VS running right and then i discovered its leaking coolant... a couple weeks ago it like pretty much overheated cuz it was out of coolant, but i didn't really think much of it... just flushed it, changed the thermostat and put new coolant in.... then the other day i realised...