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  1. JSVSouth

    Petrol leak

    Has anyone here had petrol leaking around the fuel tank on a VT sedan? Pulled into the car park at work this morning (relatively hard left turn) and once I got out I smelt fuel. Looked under the tank and it was dripping with fuel. Ive got about 1/4 tank in there. I'm pretty sure it only happened...

    Water Leak Into the interior. Help !

    I'm seriously so tired of opening my VN everytime it rains to find water in the footwell and has moisture in the rear seats. I don't open it often cause it has just been sitting in the backyard waiting to be fixed up and recently I have been starting to fix it up and noticed this problem. I've...
  3. D

    Wet footwells... Ideas?

    Hi, I noticed a week ago the rear left footwell was wet when I left a newspaper on the floor overnight, grabbed it out in the morning and it was damp right through. My car is a VT series 2 SS, with the 5.7 ltr, (it also has a sunroof which I have recently cleared its blocked drain holes, no...